JB Larson

JB Larson

JB Larson is technologist passionate about researching data storage devices, educating clients about technology, and playing the piano when he's not working.

Bitcoin Data Recovery

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Gillware Can Help Recover Your Bitcoin! Did you lose Bitcoin from an old laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet? Do you need to recover Bitcoin from the Enjin wallet? Are you having trouble accessing Bitcoin stored in an Electrum wallet? Do…

Data Recovery Clean Room

RAID-6 recovery procedures are performed in our ISO-5 certified cleanroom area.

What is a Clean Room? A clean room is an environment that is virtually devoid of contaminants. A clean room must control the potential for contamination, conduct frequent cleansing, and maintain legitimate isolation. ISO 5 Certification The International Organization for…

Hard Drive Recovery Services

Hard Disk Data Recovery Services are Available Now! Gillware has the expertise, knowledge, and skill to recover data from practically any hard drive data loss scenario. There are very few data recovery service scenarios we haven’t already seen, and we…