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JB Larson

JB Larson is technologist passionate about researching the myriad of possible data loss scenarios and using that knowledge to educate clients about technology.

Seagate Hard Drive Recovery

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Seagate hard drives are some of the most reliable in the world. That said, no technology is perfect, and losing data from any hard drive is possible. This is why Gillware offers Seagate hard drive recovery. What is Seagate? Seagate…

Disk Recovery Mac


There are a number of issues that can be resolved with disk utility on a Mac that was booted into recovery mode. For more information on utilizing this strategy for disk recovery Mac, read on! Apple is well known for…

What is RAID 0?

RAID 0 Infographic

Have you recently been speaking with a colleague or family member about advanced data storage systems and thought to yourself What is RAID 0? You aren’t alone. RAID systems are popular data storage tools that enable businesses and individuals to…

Deleted Files Recovery


If you are looking up deleted files recovery on an internet search engine, it’s fair to assume you are probably having a bad day. This is never a topic anyone wants to be researching. When someone finds themselves reading an…

Monolithic Flash Drives


Have you ever seen a flash drive where the USB connector was built-in to the rest of the device? That was (almost certainly) a monolithic flash drive. What is a Monolithic Flash Drive? Monolithic flash drives are simply a one-piece…

Fantom Drives Data Recovery


Fantom Drives is a US based computer hardware manufacturer that specializes in premium storage appliances. Fantom Drives prides themselves on producing hard drives with an emphasis for both data security and data accessibility. External Hard Drives – A Modern Necessity…