PS5 Data Corruption

When the Play Station 5’s arrival was announced, gamers across the globe were excited, and for good reason. This next gen console’s predecessor, the PS4 was a massive success and believe it or not, it is still going strong. In fact, a large number of the PS5 games we see today, also have a PS4 version, which goes to show the incredible graphical prowess of this old gen console.

Because of PS4s success, the expectations from Sony’s next gen console were sky high. Once Sony finally launched the PS5, people were amazed at the incredible innovative features it offered. Plus, with plenty of games developed on the Unreal Engine 5 on the horizon, more and more people are trying to get the newest PlayStation console. Despite being a massive upgrade over the PS4, users have been facing PS5 corrupted data issues.

Saved Data Corrupted PS5?

If you own a PS5 and are wondering how to fix a corrupted save file on your PS5, continue reading this piece as we will discuss important information about data corruption issues on Sony’s next gen console.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Corrupted Data

Despite receiving rave reviews from critics and regular consumers, the PS5 still has a few issues that were present in Sony’s older consoles and one of them happens to be corrupted data. There have been plenty of cases where consoles encountered saved data corruption for the PS5, leaving owners anxious and angry. If you have faced the same issue, there is no need to worry just yet, as there are plenty of solutions to address this issue. Before discussing some tried and tested solutions, let us discuss what corrupted data actually is.

Corrupted data, whether in a PS5 or any gaming console for that matter, means that the data present in the respective device has become inaccessible, unreadable or unusable. Whenever a data related element loses its integrity and becomes meaningless for the app or its users, it is considered corrupted. While reaching out to Sony could be the first thing to come to your mind when you have PS5 corrupted data, there are a few alternatives that could help you address this issue.

How to Fix a Corrupted Save File

While there are a number of solutions that could fix data corruption in PS5 consoles, the tips mentioned below are relatively straightforward and often work.

  • Open your PS5 and go to settings
  • Select the gear button / icon located on the start menu’s top right
  • Look for the storage option and click on it
  • After choosing the “Storage” option click on the games and apps option
  • Search the game facing a PS5 corrupted data problem
  • Once you find the content causing trouble, remove it from your console
  • Reinstall the content after deleting it
  • If you are Using a CD (physical version) of the game, you can simply eject the disk, wait for a few seconds, and reinsert it

Following the tips mentioned above could help you resolve your PS5 data corruption issues. There are certain cases where particular games face data corruption problems due to poor development. You can always report these problems directly to the developer and they may fix it through software updates, especially if many others have reported the same issue.

Alternative Solution to Fix Corrupted Data on PS5

Step 1

Go to the PS5s Dashboard and choose the game that has the corrupted save file. If you are using a physical copy of the game, check your console to see if you have inserted the disk properly.

Step 2

Once you select the title with the corrupted data, your PS5 console will automatically present a menu that looks like this.

PS5 Corrupted Data Conflict Screenshot

Once your console displays this menu, press X to select the saved data.

You must also choose which back up data options you plan to utilize during the data recovery process. If you have a subscription to PS Plus, you can use the cloud or your console’s recent saved data to recover your data. However, if you do not have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you will only be able to recover the data that your PS5 backed up most recently.

Step 3

After choosing the preferred data, click on the continue option and wait for your console to load the data properly. Doing so will allow you to resume your game’s last backup.

More on the PlayStation 5

It would be fair to say that the PS5 is truly a next gen console that will be around for years. As mentioned earlier, it is a massive performance upgrade to Sony’s last console, the PS4 Pro, and looks to compete with high end gaming PCs. With many developers doing away with last gen engines like the Unreal Engine 4 and using the latest Unreal Engine 5 to develop their games, it looks like gaming studios plan to take full advantage of PS5s capabilities.

After just 2 years on the market, the PS5 has shown that it is a next gen console with quick loading times, smooth navigation, immersive haptic feedback and immersive quality of life features. Sony has been hard at work to provide monthly and sometimes even weekly software updates to take full advantage of this consoles power. If the recent VRR (variable refresh rate) update is anything to go by, it would be fair to assume that a large number of the issues that the PS5 faces will be addressed through the company’s updates.

PlayStation 5 Data Recovery

That said, there still may be some PS5 corrupted data problems that users will have to address themselves. If you have encountered PlayStation 5 data corruption, and the steps described in the previous sections have not worked, a professional data recovery lab like Gillware is your best option for recovering your PS5 data.

Gillware has been a world-class data recovery lab for nearly two decades, and recovering data from the PlayStation 5’s 825GB PCie 4.0 NVMe solid state drive would be just another day in the lab for Gillware’s professional data recovery engineers.

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