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Are all of your shared data files for your small business stuck on a NAS device that will no longer turn on? Did the NAS device you were using in your home crash? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you’re in the right place! Here at Gillware, we see these cases and many more on a daily basis.

Maybe you wanted an inexpensive data share for your small business, so you went out and bought a network attached storage device (NAS), took five minutes to set it up, and got back to work. Since setting up your new Z:\ drive was so simple and convenient, you might have forgotten a few things–like setting up notifications and alerts in case of hard drive failure or other errors, or keeping track of the credentials you used during the initial configuration. Months or years down the line, your NAS device breaks down, leaving parts of your business paralyzed. It’s a common story: one our NAS data recovery experts hear from clients all the time.

Data recovery from NAS devices tends to be the kind of thing you leave up to professionals like the ones at Gillware. Due to their complexity, they can be difficult even for computer repair experts to troubleshoot sometimes. Sometimes, it can be unclear whether the NAS device’s hard drive (or drives) has failed or if something is merely wrong with a part of the enclosure.

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Why is Gillware the Best Company For the Job?

Our use of proprietary, in-house tools, expert technicians, and world-class techniques has made us the NAS server data recovery experts for the past 15 years. With more than 10,000 successful NAS device recoveries, chances are we’ve seen the problem you’re experiencing before and can solve it!

When your NAS device fails, Gillware’s NAS data recovery experts can retrieve your valuable data. With highly-skilled hard drive repair engineers in our certified clearoom data recovery lab and our expert logical data recovery technicians, the experts at Gillware Data Recovery can handle whatever your failed NAS device can throw at us.

Hard drives have very sensitive and delicate moving parts inside them. When they fail, often one or more of these delicate components are often to blame. Gillware’s professional engineers can repair and replace failed hard drive components, such as read/write heads, control boards, and spindle motors. When hard disk platters become scratched or coated with debris, our state-of-the-art burnishing tools can clean the platters and save your data.

It’s not just about world-class skill, tools, and techniques. Gillware’s NAS server data recovery services are also affordable and completely financially risk-free. Our services run 40-50% lower than other professional data recovery labs. There are no evaluation fees, and you will only pay if we are able to recover your data. In the off chance that we are unable to recover the data from your device, we can recycle your device free of charge. If you would like your device returned, all we charge is the cost of shipping.

Over 10, 000 successful NAS device recoveries

A cleanroom technician can recover hard drive data from a broken drive.

Sometimes, there may be a need for your shared files to be recovered more rapidly than our standard services allow. But fear not, Gillware provides expedited emergency data recovery services. If need be, we can complete your data recovery case and send your data back to you in as little as one or two business days.

In Gillware’s ISO-5 Class 100 certified cleanroom and SOC 2 Type II audited data recovery facilities, you need not worry about the health of your NAS device or the security of your data. You can sleep well at night knowing that your failed NAS device and the data we recover are both in good hands. No customer data ever leaves our building unless it’s headed to its rightful recipient, and with encryption, we ensure that nobody can intercept your critical data.

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Common NAS Errors That We See Every Day…

Synology Time Machine Backup Data Loss

The most popular Synology NAS models are their DiskStations, such as the DS418 and the DS1019. In some cases, data loss from these devices can occur after running Time Machine and the data consistency check at the same time. This causes files to become corrupt. Data also gets deleted in most cases that the user interface becomes unavailable.

Synology DiskStation DS214+ flashing blue power light

For more information on Synology NAS failures, visit our Synology NAS Data Recovery Services page.

Buffalo TeraStation Crashed

Some of the most common models from Buffalo are the Terastation 1200D and the LinkStation 210. There are a number of different causes for data loss with these models. Files may become permanently inaccessible after changing the permissions on the device, the network interface may have died, or there may be complete drive failure.

Buffalo NAS

QNAP NAS Failure

Two of the most commonly used NAS devices from QNAP are the TS-451 and the TS-231P. These models encounter data loss when the server does not power on or when the drive itself is inaccessible. Another common issue resulting in data loss is when the device does not recognize the default username and password combination, prohibiting the user from logging in. To learn more about data recovery from QNAP devices, read our QNAP NAS Recovery Case Study.


WD My Cloud Flashing Yellow Light

The most common Western Digital NAS models are the My Cloud EX2 and the My Cloud PR4100. There are a number of different scenarios during which data loss can occur in these devices.

Western Digital My Cloud NAS

To learn more about why the light on your WD My Cloud is blinking yellow, check out this WD MyCloud Data Recovery case study.

Seagate NAS Blinking Red

The most common NAS model from Seagate is the IronWolf model. Sometimes, users of this model may experience data loss after booting wipes out the data and an error message appears as a result. We see Seagate devices come in all the time, and have a very high success rate when it comes to recovering data from them. Read our Seagate NAS Recovery Case Study to find out more.

Seagate NAS

Read more about Seagate NAS recovery in this recap of a recovery case involving a Seagate ST380005SHA10G-RK 8TB .

Iomega NAS Drive Not Accessible

The 2TB EZ Media & Backup Center and the StorCenter IX2-200 are 2 of the most common models manufactured by Iomega. Some of the most common data loss scenarios in these devices occur after updating the firmware. Other data loss issues may occur when a RAID fails, or if the device reconfigures itself. For more information on Iomega NAS data recovery, check out our case study on RAID-10 failure in the StorCenter model.

iomega NAS

If you have a StorCenter that is no longer working, it may have a RAID-10 failure. To learn more about RAID-10 failure, read our Iomega StorCenter IX4 Data Recovery case study.

Netgear ReadyNas Cannot Access Admin Page

Netgear is the manufacturer of the readyNAS models, including the readyNAS 2304 and the readyNAS 424. Many times with Netgear models, users are unable to access their data after the file owner switches to a guest account locked with a password rather than the admin account that they own.

Netgear NAS

Zyxel NAS Firmware Update Crash

Zyxel manufactures a number of NAS devices, including the Zyxel NAS326, and the Zyxel NAS540. Often times in these models, users encounter data loss after a firmware update. Shared drives may go missing as a result of a firmware update in the Zyxel NAS devices as well.


No matter how simple or complex your NAS setup, Gillware has the specialists and tools to help!

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