Gillware Data Recovery Headquarters

What is Gillware Data Recovery?

Gillware Data Recovery was founded by Brian Gill and Tyler Gill in 2004, with the goal of raising the bar for data recovery. Hard disk drives, solid state drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, microSD cards, RAIDs, NAS, SAN, mobile phones, and tablets are all specialties of Gillware Data Recovery.

Over the nearly 20 years that Gillware has been in operation, Gillware engineers have developed a number of proprietary hardware and software solutions for efficient and effective data recovery.

Gillware headquarters is located near the Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wisconsin. If you are a Madison resident who has encountered a data loss scenario, the following directions can help you navigate to the Gillware headquarters. Gillware accepts walk-in customers between 8AM and 5PM CST.

What Makes Gillware Different?

Gillware has been recovering data from failed storage devices for nearly 20 years. Our engineers have thousands of hours of hands on experience and proprietary technology that increases our chances of success in cases of extreme hard drive damage.

The Gillware Data Recovery headquarters features a state of the art clean room laboratory. Gillware’s 14,000 square foot Class 100 ISO 5 certified clean room enables our engineers to open our clients’ hard drives with a minimal risk of exposing the platters to environmental contaminants.

Directions to Gillware

If you are Coming from Madison International Airport

  1. Drive for 1.3 miles and turn left on Anderson Street.
  2. Drive for 1 mile and turn left on Hoffman Street.
  3. In 0.2 miles turn right into the parking lot, Gillware will be on your left.

If you are Coming from the University of Wisconsin – Madison

  1. Drive for 2.8 miles northwest on West Johnson Street.
  2. Turn right on to International Lane, proceed for 1.8 miles going toward Dane Country Regional Airport and Madison Area Technical College.
  3. In 0.2 miles turn right on to Anderson Street.
  4. In 1.1 miles turn left on to Wright Street.
  5. Turn left in to the Gillware parking lot.

If you are Coming from Downtown Madison

  1. Drive Northeast for 3.3 miles on East Washington Avenue.
  2. Turn left onto Wright Street.
  3. In 0.7 miles turn left into the Gillware Data Recovery parking lot.

If you are Coming from Middleton, Wisconsin

  1. Starting from University Avenue, drive for 0.7 miles and take a left onto Branch Street.
  2. Drive for 0.6 miles and take a right onto Century Avenue.
  3. Take a slight right turn onto WIS-113 S and drive for 6.6 miles.
  4. Drive for 3.6 miles and then turn left onto International Lane.
  5. After driving for 0.3 miles turn right onto Anderson Street.
  6. In 1.1 miles turn left onto Wright Street.
  7. In 0.2 miles turn left into the Gillware Data Recovery parking lot.

If you are Coming from Fitchburg, Wisconsin

  1. Starting from Fish Hatchery Avenue, proceed for 1.5 miles and turn right onto US-12 East.
  2. In 6.8 miles exit left and merge onto I-39 N.
  3. In 3.8 miles take exit 138B to merge onto WIS-30 toward Madison.
  4. Drive for 2.5 miles and take exit 1B toward Fair Oaks Avenue.
  5. In 0.2 miles turn right onto North Fair Oaks Avenue.
  6. Drive for 0.4 miles and continue onto Wright Street.
  7. In 0.7 miles turn left into the Gillware Data Recovery parking lot.

Local Attractions Near Gillware Data Recovery

There are a number of activities Gillware clients can enjoy before or after visiting the Gillware Data Recovery headquarters. Nearby businesses include: The Guitar Shop of Wisconsin, The ALT Brew brewery, Loffredo Fresh Foods, Just Coffee Co, and The Bimbo Bakery.

Data Recovery Services Near Me

Gillware has publicly discouraged data recovery shoppers from choosing the closest data recovery operation. If you are interested in the psychology at play when consumers opt for ‘data recovery services near me‘. This piece provides unique analysis of a consumer journey through the data recovery process.

The Guitar Shop of Wisconsin


1804 Wright Street

Madison, Wisconsin 53704, United States


The Guitar Shop of Wisconsin has been providing electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and basses to the Madison area since 1994. They currently have over 600 used guitars in stock and over 300 amplifiers. The internet is an excellent resource for most purchases, individuals can get many products cheaper when they buy online. However, purchasing a guitar online can lead to a nasty surprise if the instrument is damaged in shipping, doesn’t feel right when you hold it, or doesn’t sound as you expect it to. When you purchase an instrument from the Guitar Shop of Wisconsin you have the privilege to try before you buy. The Guitar Shop of Wisconsin also provides servicing for all manner of string instruments.

ALT Brew


1808 Wright Street

Madison, WI 53904, United States


For over 8 years, Alt Brew has been one of the premier craft breweries in Wisconsin. Located near Madison Area Technical College, ALT Brew is within walking distance of Gillware headquarters. ALT Brewery is a nano brewery that specializes in gluten-free brewing. When ALT Brew’s master brewer was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, he was not satisfied with any of the gluten free craft beers on the market. He started ALT Brew to create a premier gluten free craft beer.

Loffredo Fresh Produce Co


1849 Wright St, Unit 2

Madison, WI 53704, United States


Loffredo Fresh Foods is a fruit and vegetable distribution service that is based out of Des Moines, Iowa. What started as a small vegetable farming and distribution service has grown into a major produce company. Loffredo offers in-house processing of fresh fruits and vegetables, delivery six days a week, and same-day delivery in Madison, Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas City, and Quad Cities.

Just Coffee Co-Op


3701 Orin Road

Madison, WI 53704, United States


The Just Coffee Co-Op is a local worker-owned coffee roaster that promotes environmental sustainability, fair-trade practices, human dignity, and transparency. The employee-owners of the Just Coffee Co-Op started their mission by meeting with Zapatista coffee farmers in Mexico. They recognized that these farmers were not experiencing fair treatment by international coffee markets and sought to correct that injustice. This was how the Just Coffee Co-Op was formed. Since then, the company has expanded operations to Portland, San Francisco, Austin, and a number of additional locations.

Bimbo Bakery


1905 Bartillon Drive

Madison, WI 53704, United States


The Bimbo Bakery is a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo, the largest commercial baking company in the United States. Grupo Bimbo was founded in Mexico City, Mexico in 1945 selling white bread, rye bread, and toast. Bimbo Bakeries has 59 locations and employs more than 20,000 associates.