Emergency Data Recovery

All data recovery cases, to some extent, are emergency data recovery cases. Very few people want to wait weeks for their data. Our standard services here at Gillware move at a brisk pace: The average case takes about five business days to fully process. But in truly dire situations, you need your data back yesterday. We can’t do yesterday (yet). But we can get your data back to you in as little as one to two days with our emergency data recovery services.

There are three things a data recovery lab needs in order to provide emergency data recovery services. First, you need to have a high-quality and well-stocked recovery lab. Second, you need to have experienced technicians. Third, you need a hard drive library. (When you need a donor part for repairs, you don’t want to order one online and have to wait a week for it to arrive.) At Gillware, we have a world-class recovery lab. We have engineers who have repaired tens of thousands of data storage devices and are familiar with the ins and outs of these devices. We have a hard drive donor library with thousands of unique drives. These three factors make Gillware highly qualified to get your data back to you quickly and efficiently.

Every data recovery case goes through a standardized case process of evaluation, quote, engineering work, and testing. All of these steps are discrete steps with queues. Priority service customers here at Gillware will be first in line in every queue, prioritized over all other clients.

In order for us to provide our emergency services, it is often required that our engineers work extended business hours and days. The recovery engineers are still people like you and I with families, and hobbies. They don’t want to be at work until 3AM or work the weekends. However, if your data recovery need is an emergency, our technicians will pull out all of the stops. We are dedicated to helping you get your business back up and running as quickly as possible! (No matter how many gallons of coffee are needed to do so!)

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Emergency RAID Data Recovery

The most common type of emergency data recovery is a large SAN or NAS from a corporate client. When your RAID-5 server dies, your printing company isn’t printing anything. Your accounting firm isn’t accounting anything. Your law firm isn’t litigating anything. These hours of downtime don’t just cost your organization a fortune. They prevent you from fulfilling your duties to your clients. You need to minimize your downtime and get your data back. You need to pick a data recovery firm that can truly provide emergency data recovery.

We turn these cases around as fast as possible. But when we are recovering 30+TB of data from a 36-drive SAN, there may be a lot of machine time involved in copying all that data. Our engineering staff will keep you up to date daily with progress reports. Our customer service representatives can help you ballpark the turnaround time over the phone.

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Emergency Data Recovery Costs

It is best to speak with one of our client advisors to understand the baseline expected costs and turnaround of a standard service recovery. In general, an emergency data recovery will cost two to four times the amount of a standard service recovery. Ask our advisors what options are available for an emergency data recovery.

Our emergency data recovery services are still financially risk-free. There are no upfront fees and no charge for evaluations. If you are in the continental US, we’ll even provide you with a free prepaid overnight UPS shipping label to cover the cost of sending your equipment to us. Like all of our service options, unless Gillware achieves the core objectives of your data recovery case, you are not obligated to pay us anything.

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Emergency Data Recovery Services By Gillware

Look no further: you’ve found the right data recovery lab for your emergency service data recovery. When your scenario is dire, you want the best facility with the most experienced people. Gillware has performed thousands of emergency service data recoveries since 2004. We have multiple data recovery engineers with over 20,000 hours of data recovery experience. No matter how fast you want to go, you’ll only pay us when we successfully recover the critical data. Our experienced technical advisory team is available to discuss your emergency data recovery needs, and will give you realistic pricing and realistic turnaround times. Gillware’s data recovery engineering team will keep you informed every step of the way.

Hard Drive

Emergency Hard Drive Recovery

We lead the world in advanced flash recovery. We are the experts to turn to for broken thumb sticks, SD cards that had photos deleted, or solid state drives (SSD) that fail to detect in BIOS. We are here to assist with all your flash data recovery needs.

Emergency hard drive recovery may be necessary in instances of USB device not recognized, computer not recognizing hard drive, or hard drive not recognized errors.

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