JB Larson

JB Larson

JB Larson is technologist passionate about researching data storage devices, educating clients about technology, and playing the piano when he's not working.

Deleted Files Recovery


If you are looking up deleted files recovery on an internet search engine, it’s fair to assume you are probably having a bad day. This is never a topic anyone wants to be researching. When someone finds themselves reading an…

Monolithic Flash Drives


Have you ever seen a flash drive where the USB connector was built-in to the rest of the device? That was (almost certainly) a monolithic flash drive. What is a Monolithic Flash Drive? Monolithic flash drives are simply a one-piece…

Fantom Drives Data Recovery


Fantom Drives is a US based computer hardware manufacturer that specializes in premium storage appliances. Fantom Drives prides themselves on producing hard drives with an emphasis for both data security and data accessibility. External Hard Drives – A Modern Necessity…

PS5 Data Corruption

PlayStation 5

When the Play Station 5’s arrival was announced, gamers across the globe were excited, and for good reason. This next gen console’s predecessor, the PS4 was a massive success and believe it or not, it is still going strong. In…

QuickBooks Data Recovery Service

QuickBooks Logo

What is QuickBooks? Intuit Quickbooks is a widely used bookkeeping software that enables small business owners to do much of the work that would be done by an accountant in more traditional companies. Introduced in 1983, Quicken originally offered basic…