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RAID Data Recovery Here you can find blog posts covering various RAID types and data loss situations.

Drobo Data Recovery

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What is Drobo? Drobo was founded in 2005 (as Data Robotics) with a mission of creating innovative storage solutions for storage intensive consumers and small to medium sized businesses (SMB). Drobo offers a number of enterprise grade storage solutions. Drobo…

RAID Puncture

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Is RAID Still Used? There are many types of RAID configurations available. Some of the most popular are RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10. RAID0 is sometimes called disk striping, which requires two or more hard drives and is…

Synology DS214+ with Flashing Blue Power Light

Synology DiskStation DS214+ flashing blue power light

Updated: 1/11/2019 A flashing blue power light on a Synology DS214+ NAS device is usually a symptom of a motherboard failure. When the motherboard of your PC, server, or NAS device fails, your device’s individual hardware components can no longer…