Data Recovery Resources

Knowledge is your strongest weapon in the fight against data loss, and we here at Gillware have amassed a lot of knowledge in our history of providing data recovery services. Our resources cover everything from hard drive handling guides and guidelines for mitigating or preventing data loss to white papers on SSD data recovery. If you’re in need of interesting reading material on the wonderful world of data recovery, look no further:

Storage Device Handling Guides

When your hard drive breaks down or your server crashes, you’re likely in panic mode and under a lot of stress. This can lead to some bad or poorly-advised decisions being made over how you should take care of a failed storage device before you send it off to a data recovery lab. How you treat a failed storage device before we get our hands on it can have a surprising impact on how difficult or how likely it can be for our engineers to get your important data back.

Water Damaged Hard Drive Handling Guide

Hard disk drives recovered from floodwater need to be handled differently than drives that have failed in more common circumstances. Properly or improperly handling a water damaged hard drive can have a powerful effect on a data recovery lab’s chances of a successful salvage.

Read and download Gillware’s Water Damaged Hard Drive Handling Guide

Failed RAID Server Handling Tips

Your server has crashed. What do you do now? When diagnosing your crashed RAID server and preparing to send it to Gillware’s lab, how you handle your equipment can have an enormous effect on the efficacy of our recovery efforts… for good or for ill. Read on to find out how to keep data recovery possible with RAID:

Read and download Gillware’s 12 RAID Failure Tips

Data Recovery Mythbusters

There are a lot of DIY data recovery myths that can hurt our chances of successfully recovering data, and a lot of misconceptions about what kinds of techniques the professionals use. Read about some of the things you shouldn’t do to a hard drive:

Read about four of the wildest DIY data recovery myths out there on our blog

Data Loss Prevention Guides

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Check out Gillware’s blog posts on preventing a hard drive crash or virus attack from landing you in hot water:

RAID-5 Setup Tips: How to Avoid the Data Recovery Lab

We here at Gillware have seen a lot of crashed RAID-5 servers in our lab over the past decade-plus. Sadly, a lot of the crashes we see could have been prevented. All storage devices break down eventually, and there’s no 100%-foolproof way to prevent your server from just going belly-up one day and taking some important data with it. However, there are things you should do whenever you’re setting up a RAID-5 server to minimize your chances of suffering a devastating RAID crash:

View and download Gillware’s RAID-5 Setup Tips on our blog

Ransomware Prevention Guide: Keeping Your Networks Safe

Getting hit by ransomware is an awful, miserable experience, and it’s very difficult to recover from it without secure and regularly-maintained backups to restore from. Many of the smarter variants of ransomware render the encrypted data completely unrecoverable (unless you pay the hackers their hefty fee). But with Gillware’s help, you can defend yourself against potential ransomware attackers and avoid painful data loss.

Download and print Gillware’s Ransomware Prevention Guide

Data Recovery White Papers

Looking for some headier reading material? Our data recovery experts have written in-depth white papers to shed some light on the realities of data recovery work.

The Future of SSD Recovery (2009)

By choosing to take a proactive approach and assisting data recovery professionals, the SSD industry will help to ease public concern and increase data recovery success rates while also minimizing recovery costs and turn-around times.

SSD Recovery: Benefits of Industrial Cooperation (2014)

This white paper is intended to serve as a starting point for future conversations between Gillware and SSD manufacturers. It outlines some of the challenges the industry faces when performing data recovery from SSDs and some areas where SSD manufacturers can assist in the effort.

Seasonal Trends in Data Recovery: Summer and Electrical Failure

Each day, Gillware’s engineers recover data from a variety of data loss situations. Seasonal spikes in data loss due to weather or other temporal factors result in noteworthy patterns in the types of cases that come in to our lab.

Data Recovery Shopping and Buyer’s Guides

How should you choose a good data recovery service provider? What should you look for when it comes to their process or pricing structure? Read on to find out:

How to Shop for Data Recovery

When you need data recovered, you’re looking for professional and reputable service. Not all businesses advertising data recovery and hard drive repair are up to the real challenges of repairing hard drives and other storage devices and salvaging your data. With Gillware’s help, you can learn to identify companies that can meet your needs.

How Much Does Data Recovery Cost?

Find out what factors go into the cost of your average data recovery case, and how data recovery companies determine a sensible pricing structure for their skills and labor.

Supplemental reading: Data Recovery Lab Prices: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Data Recovery 101

To learn more about the nitty-gritty details of hard drives and the work it takes to repair them, check out our four-part “Data Recovery 101” series.


Platters are the thin, circular discs made of glass or aluminum inside the sealed hard drive enclosure.

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Read/Write Head Assembly

Read/write heads are the tiny sensors (about 0.1 – 0.3mm tiny) that do just what their name implies.

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Burnishing Platters

From a recovery standpoint, as long as the platters are healthy, data can likely be recovered.

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Just like you may run Windows on your PC and IOS or Android on your phone, your hard drive needs an operating system as well.

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Gillware’s Data Recovery Blog

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