iCloud Photo Recovery

Modern iPhones enable anyone to take pictures that are nearly indistinguishable from those taken by a professional photographer. This concept even prompted Apple to run an ad campaign based on the line “this photo was taken on an iPhone”. The result is that millions of iPhone users have taken photos measuring in either the hundreds of millions or billions.

What happens when you open the photos app to see that some (or all) of your iPhone pictures are missing?


I Can’t Find My iCloud Pictures?

iCloud Photos are available on the Photos App. Tap the Library and Albums tabs to see your stored photos.

If you delete your images, iCloud stores these photos in the Recently Deleted Album, where they will remain for 30 days from the date of deletion.

Why Aren’t My Pictures in iCloud?

To make sure that your photos are on iCloud, make sure to turn on the iCloud photo functionality. Go to Settings > Your Profile > iCloud > Photos, and turn on iCloud Photos.

Make sure to connect with your Wi-Fi when you do this and wait for a couple of minutes while the photos are uploaded.

Alternatively, you could be checking the wrong library. Scroll through your shared photos library to see if the missing photos appear there.

What Happened To The Pictures I Stored in iCloud?

There are three common answers for missing iCloud photos:

  1. Recently Deleted – Check the recently deleted album on the Photos app. The Hidden Album is also a good place to check for missing photos.
  2. Signed in With the Wrong Apple ID
  3. Check if the photos have synced with iCloud – open the Library tab in your Photos app and scroll to the bottom to see the status bar of your iCloud sync.

How to Recover iPhone Data That You Thought was Stored in iCloud?

Recovering data that you thought was stored in iCloud is a perplexing situation for most iPhone owners. The answer is: reach out to a professional data recovery laboratory.

Unfortunately, there are many iPhone owners who lose photos (or other data), but because they are unfamiliar with the data recovery industry, they give up and assume their photos/files are gone for good. Fortunately, if you’ve made it to this point in the article you’re now familiar with some built-in iCloud data recovery functionality as well as a data recovery company that can help when all else fails.

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