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Dell Data Recovery Services

Dell Data Recovery If you've lost data on your Dell PC, you will likely need a Dell Data Recovery Service. Losing data is stressful. We know […]

Data Recovery Specialist

Data Recovery Specialists The experts at Gillware Data Recovery have been meeting the needs of our clients for over a decade, recovering data from all manner […]

Data Recovery Process

Data Recovery Process Data loss is often an incredibly stressful situation, no matter how it happens. Whether you bent a flash drive that had your documents, […]

RAID Partition Recovery Case: Drobo – Invalid Partition Table

The client in this data recovery case came to us when their Drobo unit suddenly showed up as blank on their Windows PC. Drobo units, designed […]

Iomega StorCenter IX4 Data Recovery Case Study: RAID-10 Failure

The client in this RAID data recovery case had a four-drive RAID-10 array that had failed when two of its four hard drives died. The RAID-10 array […]

HDD PCB Repair Case Study: More Than Meets the Eye

The client in this data recovery case had been storing their company’s Peachtree financial database on an old Seagate Barracuda hard drive. Eventually, as all hard […]

How to Recover RAID 5 Data – The Gillware Method

About RAID 5 Data Loss RAID 5 is a popular RAID level for data storage, seeing use in servers for businesses of all shapes and sizes. […]

Crashed Hard Drive Recovery Case Study: A Tale of Basketball-Induced Hard Drive Failure

We’ve seen many a crashed hard drive come from dropped laptops. It just comes with the territory—a portable device with a small data storage device inside […]

Recovering Data from a Hard Drive After a Power Surge

Hard drives, like any electronic devices, need electricity to function. But they can also suffer a lot of damage if they’re exposed to too much electricity. […]