Unravel the 5 Most Common Data Loss Scenarios on Intel Optane SSDs

Your business relies on Intel Optane SSDs, but are you prepared for data loss situations that impact Optane drives? Discover five common scenarios that can enable you or your business to safeguard your essential data.

Intel Optane Data Recovery

Intel Optane drives are a type of solid-state drive (SSD) that utilize non-volatile memory technology to provide faster read and write speeds and lower latency compared to traditional NAND-based SSDs. These high-performance drives have become increasingly popular for both consumer and enterprise applications due to their enhanced speed and reliability.

Intel Optane SSDs are not immune to issues that impact other varieties of data storage technology. It is essential for businesses and consumers to understand the common symptoms associated with data loss in these drives. In this guide, we outline some of the most common symptoms and their implications, as well as the role of professional data recovery services in addressing these issues.

Intel Optane Solid State Drive (SSD)

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1. Drive Shows up as a Raw Partition

A raw partition occurs when the operating system cannot recognize a drive’s file system due to a corrupted or damaged partition table. This issue can be caused by several factors, such as sudden power loss, software malfunction, or hardware failure. When a drive shows up as a raw partition, the data stored on it becomes inaccessible, which can be a significant concern for businesses relying on the information contained within the drive.

To resolve this issue and recover the lost data, it is crucial to contact a professional data recovery service. With over twenty years of experience restoring data from all manner of storage devices, Gillware can diagnose the problem, repair the partition table if possible, and likely retrieve the inaccessible data using specialized tools and techniques.

2. Drive Detects and Appears as a Fresh Windows Install with Client Data Missing

Another common Intel Optane data loss scenario is when a drive is detected, but the system appears as if it has undergone a fresh Windows installation, resulting in missing client data. This issue can arise due to user error, software issues, or an unintended operating system reset. In such cases, recovering the lost data can be challenging.

Professional data recovery services play a vital role in restoring missing data in these situations. While you may have heard of data recovery software or DIY data recovery solutions, it’s never worth risking important documents, spreadsheets, photos, or any other type of file. At Gillware, we employ advanced data recovery techniques to locate and retrieve the lost files, ensuring that you or your business can regain access to essential data.

3. Only One of the Drives Detects

In systems with multiple drives, sometimes only one drive is recognized, which can be attributed to loose connections, faulty drives, or other hardware-related issues. To address this problem, reseating the drive, checking the cables, or replacing the drive may be necessary. Should you find yourself needing to replace the drive or uncertain about the next steps, feel free to contact Gillware Data Recovery. Our team of highly trained and seasoned engineers is committed to delivering outstanding data recovery outcomes and exceptional customer service.

4. Drive Doesn’t Detect at All

When a drive is not detected by the system at all, potential causes include faulty connections, failed drives, or issues with the system’s BIOS settings. In such cases, checking cables and connections, updating the BIOS, or replacing the drive might help resolve the problem. If you end up replacing the drive or are otherwise unsure how to proceed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Gillware Data Recovery. Our team of skilled and experienced engineers strive to provide both exemplary data recovery results and unparalleled customer support.

5. Intel Optane Memory Pinning Unable to Load DLL ‘iastorafsserviceapi.dll’ on Dell Computers

As a data recovery lab, we have encountered numerous cases where Intel Optane drives experience issues, particularly with memory pinning. One such issue is the inability to load the ‘iastorafsserviceapi.dll’ file on Dell computers. This error is typically caused by the Intel Optane software failing to access the required Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file, which is crucial for the proper functioning of the Intel Optane Memory Pinning feature. Users often report this problem after updating their system or installing new drivers, leading to system slowdowns and reduced performance. If this issue progresses from a performance reduction to serious data loss, it’s advisable to contact Gillware Data Recovery immediately. Our team will work diligently to diagnose the root cause and offer effective solutions to restore the mission critical files from your affected Intel Optane drive.

Need to Recover Data from an Intel Optane Drive?

Talk to an expert about getting your data back. Get a no-hassle consultation today!

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Data Recovery from Intel Optane Drives

In conclusion, understanding the common symptoms associated with Intel Optane hard drives and the importance of data recovery services is essential for future business professionals. By recognizing these issues and seeking professional assistance where applicable, businesses can protect their valuable data and prevent potential losses.

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