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The HDD, an integral component of every computer since the 1950s, makes up one of the most common visitors to Gillware’s data recovery lab. Gillware is one of the foremost experts in the industry, with world-class facilities and an unrivaled knowledge base. We have over a decade of experience with all sorts of hard disk drive failures and know how to recover data from data loss situations of all kinds.

Whether you have a clicking, beeping, or smoking HDD, a dropped hard disk drive, or a drive that just won’t boot, Gillware has the experienced technicians who can help you.

Recover Lost Files With Gillware

Burnishing tools in a professional data recovery lab
There are a lot of different ways that hard drives can lose data, from physical issues in which the sensitive internal components break down to logical issues in which file system metadata becomes damaged or unreadable. Even disconnecting an external…