Hard Drive Recovery Services

Hard Disk Data Recovery Services are Available Now!

Gillware has the expertise, knowledge, and skill to recover data from practically any hard drive data loss scenario. There are very few data recovery service scenarios we haven’t already seen, and we are confident of successfully recovering lost files from your critical data loss situation.

Gillware Data Recovery Experts are trained to get data recovered from any hard drive type and any source device. Here are some of our featured recovery services:

Server Hard Drive Data Recovery

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Gillware has a great working relationship with small, medium, and large businesses and service providers across America. Servers are usually very reliable, but with all electronic equipment, wear and tear can occur, and it’s a fact that hard drives do eventually fail. If we are sent a server hard drive, we already know that a serious incident likely triggered the customer to reach out to us.

Businesses often have the ability to perform data recovery from backups kept in-house, but unfortunately, problems sometimes occur with these backups; perhaps the backup has been failing unbeknown to the customer, or the backup is corrupt. Either way, the client is in hot water, but rest easy. Gillware will do everything possible to prevent lost data.

It does not matter if you have an entire failed RAID array or just one single failed disk. We have the expertise to perform a complete hard disk recovery. We provide fast, affordable, and customer-friendly RAID data recovery services with a financially risk-free guarantee. If we can’t get your data back, you don’t pay! Also, you get free evaluations in our cleanroom lab, and we even provide free inbound shipping. That way, you can be sure that we can recover data from hard drive failure and avoid wasting your time or your money.

Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

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The portable nature of laptops makes them prone to damage; they get dropped, coffee spilled over them, and bashed about easily. Laptops usually have 2.5-inch hard disks, frequently SSD-type disks. It doesn’t matter how new or old your laptop is, or if it’s Windows, Mac, or a Chromebook. Gillware can recover data from the hard disks, no matter the format.

Reach out to Gillware Customer Support who will provide a label to ship your laptop (or just the laptop hard drive) and our Data Recovery Experts will evaluate the incident. Damaged laptop drives usually suffer from physical trauma; we commonly see issues with damaged PCB, failed hard drive motor, or even a headstack crash.

Typically, a hard disk will be disassembled in a cleanroom at the Gillware secure data recovery lab, which will help to identify the root cause. To repair the problem, we may have to use spare parts from our extensive spare parts library to get the disk working. Next, we image the data and write it to new media using our in-house hard drive recovery software, or we can upload the data to our customer secure data recovery portal for easy access. Speak to our customer service team for more information about how we recover data from hard drive failure and get it back to you.

Desktop Hard Drive Data Recovery

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Hard drives received from desktop computers come from businesses and personal users. Most of the scenarios we see in the lab involved hard disks missing vital document files, photographs, and treasured images of family members. Occasionally email databases are damaged (PST File), but any kind of digital image or file could be affected by data loss.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a Dell, HP, Samsung, Toshiba, or MacBook. Dell hard drive file recovery services are very similar to data recovery from any other brand of desktop or laptop.

The hard disks we see are either internal disks or externally attached USB drives, pen drives, or other similar technology.

For our personal users, the best advice we can offer is to immediately stop using the desktop computer. If you continue to use the Operating System there is a chance that the data will be overwritten by accident. Next, contact Gillware customer support or log a case on our website and we will arrange the collection of the hard drive.

When your data has been recovered, we can either copy everything to a new disk and ship it back to you or we can upload your files to our secure data recovery customer portal.

SSD Hard Drive Data Recovery

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SSD/NAND recovery is very challenging as unlike a mechanical drive, there are no moving parts. If an SSD fails, it will either be the NAND storage blocks or PCB at fault.

Many modern SSDs are self-encrypting; while the user may choose not to enable password-protection on their SSD, all of the data is still stored in an encrypted format by default. The encryption keys are stored in the same controllers that manage the flow of data to and from the NAND chips. If the controller on the SSD’s circuit board dies, the encryption key is lost. This can make data recovery from SSDs that have failed impossible.

This is an extremely high barrier to our SSD data recovery efforts. However, Gillware Data Recovery is partners with data recovery experts, SSD manufacturers, and security organizations to make data recovery from self-encrypting SSDs more possible. We first recovered data from a self-encrypting SSD in 2012. Since then, the number of models of self-encrypted drives our solid-state drive data recovery technicians has been able to salvage data from has grown exponentially.

Contact our data recovery client advisors to find out more about our SSD recovery capabilities and whether our engineers can help you with a free hard drive evaluation.

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