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Gillware Data Recovery offers affordable, customer-friendly, and professional Mac data recovery services. As a proud member of the Apple Consultants Network, we’re more than capable of handling just about any sort of data loss situation that can befall your Macbook or iMac.

Apples’s products have a lot of things going for them. From Macbooks to iPads and iPhones, just ask any of their customers and you’re bound to find a few willing to sing their praises on everything from their user-friendliness to their space-age design aesthetics (you’ll find a few willing to criticize those very same things as well, of course).

But when it comes to data loss, Macs don’t have much of an advantage over Windows PCs. Just like a Windows PC, you can accidentally delete your files, reformat the hard disk, or reinstall your operating system with detrimental effects to your data. The hard drives and (increasingly common SSDs) in your Mac can just break down. When these things happen, you can trust Gillware’s Mac data recovery services to get as much of your data back as possible.

What Makes Gillware the Best Choice for Mac Data Recovery Services?

Gillware’s Mac data recovery services are affordable, professional, customer-friendly, and financially risk-free. Our Madison, Wisconsin data recovery lab is one of the top labs in the US. We offer free Mac data recovery evaluations and provide firm price quotes for our services before performing any data recovery work. We even offer free shipping to customers in the continental US.

There are no upfront costs for Gillware’s Mac data recovery services. We work with our customers to define clear goals for every data recovery case. We don’t ask for payment until we’ve finished the data recovery process, and only after we’ve met our customers’ goals to their satisfaction. This is Gillware’s “no data, no charge” risk-free guarantee.

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Logical Mac Data Recovery Services

Hard drives, SSDs, and other storage devices use logical file systems to keep track of the data stored within them. These file systems can sometimes become corrupted, resulting in data loss. When data is deleted or a device is reformatted, we refer to it as logical data loss, as opposed to data loss caused by physical damage.

Mac-formatted hard drives and SSDs have their own ways of storing data. But for the most part, a Mac drive’s file system accomplishes the same tasks a Windows drive does, using slightly different methods (that don’t necessarily play well together). Our Mac data recovery experts are well-acquainted with the ins and outs of the Mac HFS+ file system, as well as how Mac-only forms of encryption like FileVault 2 full disk encryption work.

When the logical signposts that tell your computer how to find the data on your hard drive disappear, as they do when files are deleted or a hard drive is reformatted, it takes skilled logical data recovery specialists to retrieve that lost data.

Mac SSD Recovery Services

The latest models of Mac computers eschew traditional spinning-disk hard drives. Instead, they use solid state drives, or SSDs. SSDs have no moving parts. They are faster and provide much better performance over traditional hard drives. They also take up far less space, which is why Apple can produce computers as thin as the Macbook Air.

However, they are also more difficult to recover data from due to the complex flash memory they use to store data. They’ve also been available for consumers for far less time than hard disk drives have been. As a result many SSD data recovery techniques are still in their infancy relative to HDD recovery methods and tools. When SSDs fail, it takes Mac data recovery experts with abundant knowledge in SSD data recovery to salvage data from them.

Fusion Drive Data Recovery

Apple has its own proprietary technology to marry solid state drives, which are speedy but low on storage capacity, with hard disk drives, which are the opposite. Apple’s Fusion Drive combines an SSD and HDD, storing the operating system, apps, and frequently-used files on the SSD and everything else on the HDD. Intelligent software manages what goes where. A failure of either the SSD or HDD can scuttle the Fusion Drive. When it comes to recovering data from these Fusion Drives, Mac data recovery experts need to look at both drives and use advanced data recovery techniques to piece them together properly and salvage data from them.

Mac Hard Drive Recovery Services

No storage device is immune to failure, and that includes the hard drives you’ll likely find inside your Macbook or iMac (although in recent models you’re far more likely to find a solid state drive instead–which can also fail, but that’s a different story).

Hard drives have sensitive and delicate internal components. Physical trauma, such as being dropped or fried by a power surge or power outage, can wreak havoc on these components. A hard drive’s sensitive innards will also wear out over time due to use.

When a hard drive dies, it often takes skilled data recovery professionals to make the necessary repairs to the drive to salvage data from it. The hard drive may need its read/write heads, circuit board, or spindle motor replaced, or its disk platters burnished. It may need a glitch or bug in its firmware straightened out. These problems can only be safely fixed in a professional clean room data recovery lab.

Mac Water Damage

Gillware is very experienced with data recovery from water damage disasters. For example, our data recovery engineers were successful in recovering a majority of a client’s quickbooks files after their hard drives experienced water damage during a flood. If you are experiencing MacBook Pro or MacBook Air water damage, time is of the essence. Reach out to Gillware ASAP, and our dedicated team will start working with you immediately to recover data from your water damaged MacBook.

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