Data Loss Situations

Your data is fragile. There are a lot of ways you can lose it. But there is almost always a way for you to get it back, no matter what data loss situations you find yourself in. That Quickbooks file you accidentally deleted isn’t gone forever. The WD My Book external drive you just accidentally reformatted still has your family photos on it. The portable external drive that just fell off your desk and started clicking hasn’t cost you all of your financial documents from the past year. And that crashed NAS device that had your business’s SQL database isn’t the end of the world (although it probably feels like it).

In our plugged-in and logged-on world, losing your documents, your photos and videos, and other important data can feel like a nightmare. In data loss situations like these and more, our data retrieval technicians know exactly what to do to get as much of your data back as possible. Whether it’s repairing your hard drive, piecing together your server or virtual machine, or dredging up deleted files, we’ve honed and developed powerful data recovery tools and techniques to help you through these tough times.

We recover data from these situations and many more…

Each data loss situation is unique. Gillware engineers have the tools and experience necessary to recover data from even the most difficult of data loss scenarios.

Files can be deleted by accident or on purpose. Whatever the reason, Gillware’s logical data recovery services can help you get your files back.

File corruption can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Whatever the cause, our engineers can help if your critical data has become corrupted.

Hard drives are fragile. And external drives are portable. When this combination goes poorly, our hard drive repair technicians can help you.

Power surges or power outages can both cause hard drive failure. If this has happened to you, our engineers can help recover your data.

Sometimes a system restore results in unexpected data loss. If this happens to your, our logical data recovery technicians can help.

If you or someone else has accidentally reformatted your hard drive, our data recovery services can help you get your data back.

Our innovative platter restoration tools help our engineers recover data from failed hard drives, even if the platters are damaged.

Read/write heads are the workhorses of the hard drive. When they fail, our data recovery engineers can repair your hard drive.

When a motor failure prevents your hard drive from spinning up, our engineers can repair your drive and get your data back.

Our expert engineers can salvage the lost data from your beeping hard drive, whether it’s your mission-critical Quickbooks file or years’ worth of family photos.

When your hard drive starts making the “click of death”, it’s time to bring it to professional hard drive data recovery experts.

Too much heat—and electricity—can burn out parts of a hard drive’s control board. This can cause the smoking hard drive to exhibit its inflammatory behavior.

When you cannot fix a “ hard drive not detected ” error and recover your data on your own, you need help from data recovery experts.