Tablet Data Recovery Services

It’s tempting to want a free, easy tablet data recovery software tool when you accidentally delete files or your tablet stops booting up properly. There are many data recovery software solutions out there for tablets and other smart devices. But these solutions aren’t always the ones you need to turn to when you need data recovered from your tablet.

When Do You Need Tablet Data Recovery Services?

A problem with your tablet might have a very simple fix, but sometimes, a tablet exhibiting the same symptoms might actually be damaged enough that you will not be able to do anything on your own.

In many situations, only tablet data recovery services by the experts working at a professional data recovery company can retrieve your data.

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Pitfalls to Avoid in DIY Tablet Data Recovery

When you have trouble with your tablet, whether it’s an Android tablet by Samsung, an Amazon Kindle, an iPad, or any other smart tablet, your first reaction is to pray to the almighty Google.

With the Internet’s help, you’re well on your way to figuring out what’s wrong with your tablet and what you can do from the comfort of your own home.

But when you go the do-it-yourself route, beware. One slip-up and you can easily render that data you’re trying to recover even harder to retrieve. Or you could even erase it for good!

If you need to recover deleted photos from Android internal storage (or from any other kind of tablet), follow these three steps:

  • Only use data recovery software that installs to your PC, not the tablet itself.
  • Turn Wi-Fi off.
  • Do not use your tablet for any reason while attempting data recovery.

The reason why you must take these steps is that data you accidentally delete is very fragile. You must prevent writing new data to your tablet’s internal memory.

Once you delete files off of your tablet, those files don’t necessarily immediately vanish. Your tablet marks the data as “empty space” free to be used. As you download new data to your tablet—even app updates and temp files—and as you create new files (e.g., taking new photos and videos, recording audio, etc.) your tablet looks for somewhere to put that data. Uh-oh—those files you deleted count as “somewhere” now.

As a result, this new data overwrites and obliterates the old. This act can result in partial file corruption. It can even utterly destroy the files you need recovering from your tablet.

Sadly, this is a situation our data recovery technicians see far too often when it comes to recovering deleted files for our clients. This scenario is one example of the danger that can come with attempting DIY tablet data recovery methods when professional help is available.

The eMMC chip from a tablet after careful removal for tablet data recovery purposes
The eMMC chip from a tablet after careful removal for tablet data recovery purposes

If you need to recover files from a tablet…

Gillware is the place to call when you have a broken Samsung Galaxy Tab or Samsung Galaxy Book, a broken Amazon Kindle, a broken Microsoft Surface tablet, a broken iPad, or any other kind of tablet you can’t access and need data extracted from.

When does tablet data recovery software work?

Tablet data recovery software works best for recovering recently deleted files. Data recovery software tools can also be helpful when your tablet becomes stuck in a boot loop due to a software issue or malware infestation, or if your tablet has a broken screen. However, smart device and tablet data recovery software often has great difficulty dealing with any further physical issues the device may have.

When Do You Need Professional Tablet Data Recovery Services?

You need professional tablet data recovery services if you need photos, documents, or other types of data recovered from your phone that won’t turn on and you cannot gain access with tablet data recovery software.

Broken tablets can be difficult to recover data from without professional tools and techniques, especially when they’re too damaged to be turned on. This damage can happen due to excessive physical force, excessive exposure to water and other liquids, or other severe scenarios. The internal storage medium may also degrade and die over time. However, given how quickly we tend to trade in our smart devices for newer models, this is an uncommon scenario.

How do we recover data from a tablet?
The data on your tablet lives in a small flash memory chip buried deep inside the phone. In many cases, this flash memory chip can be accessed without dismantling the tablet using Gillware’s powerful data recovery tools. Our software includes powerful analytical tools head and shoulders above any consumer-available or free tablet data recovery software in the world.
However, in some circumstances, to recover data from a broken tablet, our engineers must carefully remove this chip from the tablet’s logic board. This procedure requires painstaking electrical engineering work. After all, this part of your tablet is not meant to come off. A strong epoxy holds it in place.
For the few tablet data recovery cases we see in our lab in which these steps are necessary, this is the most challenging part of the data recovery process.
Once we’ve removed your tablet flash memory chip, our technicians place it in a specially-designed chip reader. We read its contents using our custom data recovery software designed by our own data recovery engineers.
Many models of tablets have removable data storage as well. MicroSD cards can sometimes stop working or have their contents deleted, without any of the tablet data being recoverable by widely-available data recovery tools. This is where our SD card data recovery experts come in.
Using controlled heat application to safely remove the memory chip from a smart device's logic board
A controlled application of heat using equipment like this one can be used to remove the internal memory chip for Samsung data recovery