What Software does Gillware Use to Recover Data?

We get questions from our Partners and customers about software we use to recover lost data. The data recovery software platform we use is 100% proprietary.

A lot of the posts on our blog focus on the mechanical aspects of data recovery, like replacing failing read/write head assemblies or restoring damaged platters using our burnishing machine. However, mechanical repairs are only half of the data recovery process. After the drive is restored to a workable state, our engineers still have a critical task ahead of them: retrieving the actual data from the failed device. This is often easier said than done. Beyond mechanical issues, many drives present logical obstacles to recovery as well, such as bad sectors or data corruption.

We often get questions from our Partners and customers about software we use to recover lost data. Do we use commercially available software packages such as RStudio? Do we use forensic hardware that blocks writes? Are we using a publicly available tool modified for our needs? Is our software available for others to use?

Put simply, the data recovery software platform we use is 100% proprietary, developed and used in-house and not available for use outside of Gillware.

Watch the following video to find out more:


  1. I love the idea of the data recovery software but myself as a small business owner and the customers I have in particular they don’t make a lot of money and data recovery software is highly expensive I have called around to looking recovery software and the prices are outrageous its right as a small business owner and business is very slow to keep up with data recovery software as well as not trying to charge a customer and arm a leg to recover their files I don’t do major corporations i do local homeowners and they don’t make that kind of money last time I checked and I called for a data recovery to outsource it to a third party it was like $400 and that’s just their charge not even a 10 percent markup on the price for myself to make any money also we as small business owners have to come up together and find a cheaper way to do data recovery

  2. Hi Romel,

    You sound like the perfect fit for our data recovery Partner Program. When you come across a data recovery case that’s beyond what you can handle yourself, you can refer your customer to us. We provide free inbound shipping, free evaluations and firm price quotes. As a Partner, you can receive commission on the cases you refer to Gillware. If you’re interested, feel free to shoot me an email, I can connect you with someone to get you more info. [email protected]

    Ashley at Gillware

  3. Hey Josh,

    Thanks for watching! I can have someone reach out to you if you’d like some more info about HOMBRE and our other data recovery techniques. Keep an eye out for more cool videos coming soon!

    Ashley at Gillware

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