Data Recovery Services: Hard Drives, SSD, RAID, Flash, Phones & More

In our data recovery lab, our skilled engineers recover data from every type of digital storage device, no matter how big or how small.

  • Is your hard drive clicking?
  • Did you spill coffee on your laptop?
  • Has your USB drive been snapped in half?
  • Is your NAS struggling to boot up?
  • Do you need data recovered from a virtual disk?

Our data recovery services will help you through any of these situations–and more.

Data loss happens.

There are dozens of things that can cause it. Data can be deleted by accident or on purpose. You or your cat might knock your external hard drive off your desk, or the hard disk in your desktop PC might just break down from old age after serving you faithfully for 5-10 years. Whether your data is stored on a hard disk drive, a solid state drive, a USB flash drive, a microSD card, your phone, your tablet, or a server, data loss is one of those things that just happens–especially when you least expect it

When it does happen, no matter who or what causes it, you need professional recovery engineers to perform the data recovery services you need… and you’ve come to just the right place to find those people.

Why Choose Gillware?

  • No Data, No Charge Guarantee
  • World-Class service for all types of data and devices
  • Get your data back quickly and securely

  • No fees for cancellation or unsuccessful attempts
  • Work is never outsourced to other labs
  • Goal-oriented data retrieval procedures

  • Immediate price range estimates
  • Free shipping to our lab
  • Free evaluation in-lab followed by a firm price quote

Some of Gillware’s data recovery services include…

Repairing desktop and laptop hard drives is a mix of art and science: combining talented recovery engineers along with proprietary software and a few other high-tech utilities and utilizing them to recovery data from most any device.

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Flash memory is far more advanced than the traditional magnetic forms of data storage such as hard disk drives. To get your data back from a NAND flash storage device such as an SSD, smartphone, tablet, or USB flash drive requires a particularly large pool of talent, resources, and expertise.

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Data loss can strike at any time, and a dropped hard drive, broken thumb drive, or crashed RAID server can spell trouble for your livelihood. Fortunately, Gillware is on your side. We know all about the trials and tribulations of running a small business. Adding a broken computer or crashed NAS device to all those problems is a recipe for a nightmare. Fortunately, Gillware can have your business up and running again before you know it.

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Aside from business-critical documents such as Quickbooks and Outlook files, photos are among the most-requested files our engineers are tasked with recovering. Whether you’re a home user who’s accidentally deleted their family photos from the past five years or a professional photographer who’s just lost an entire photo shoot to hardware failure, Gillware is here to help.

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Gillware is a proud member of the Apple Consultants Network. We offer data retrieval services for all sorts of Apple computers, including the Macbook, iMac, and Mac Pro. Our engineers have developed techniques for salvaging data from crashed Apple Fusion Drive systems as well as traditional hard disk drives and SSDs.

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Getting locked out of your data for not remembering the password is rough. Getting locked out of your data even when you have your encryption credentials because suddenly everything else won’t work is maddening. Maybe your drive doesn’t show up or gives a boot error. Maybe the data is visible, but you can’t open any files. Or maybe your drive is making unusual noises and won’t show you anything. Luckily for you, when your encrypted hard drive has failed, Gillware’s encrypted hard drive recovery services can help you.

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Whether you’re a small business owner with a small network attached storage (NAS) device or part of a corporate IT team taking care enterprise-class servers, you’re bound to experience a RAID crash eventually. Gillware can help.

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If your server crash results in lost data, you have more to worry about than just downtime. Losing valuable data due to hard drive failure in your server RAID array can be a severe setback for your business.

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Even top-of-the-line enterprise-grade hardware breaks down, and when it does, it can take your company’s data with it. In other words: Bad things happen to good servers. When it comes to recovering data from massive servers or SANs, virtual environments, or iSCSI targets and LUNs, the computer engineers and scientists in our lab have the smarts and skills to take on these challenges and emerge victorious.

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NAS, which stands for “network-attached storage”, refers to storage devices you can connect to wirelessly. NAS storage devices see use both in homes and small businesses. SANs (storage area network) are the largest and most resilient of RAID servers, sometimes using dozens of hard disk drives.

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Not all data loss situations involve your device breaking down. Sometimes your computer will stop booting up because data on a sector of your hard drive containing critical metadata will become corrupted. Gillware has powerful tools and extremely-skilled experts to tackle these logical issues as well, from file system corruption to accidental file deletions and reformats.

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Not all data loss situations require full in-lab service. There are many occasions when Gillware can recover your data and get you back up and running in no time—all without your having to send your equipment on the road.

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Devices We Recover Data From:

A History of Quality Data Retrieval Service

Founded in 2003 by Brian Gill and his brother Tyler Gill, Gillware Data Recovery was created to offer the same level of professional services labs at the time offered almost exclusively to large corporations to small businesses and home users at sensible prices. Gillware pioneered free in-lab evaluations and “no data, no charge” policies when every other data recovery business in the world was still charging up to hundreds of dollars just for the privilege of looking at a customer’s failed hard drive. Gillware has stuck to its mission to be there for the little guy for the past fifteen years without fail.

Explore Our Clean Room Data Recovery Lab

Our lab has world-class tools and environment for hard drive repair and logical device recovery. In our cleanroom, our engineers work at ISO 5 Class-100 certified modular cleanroom benches. These workstations provide all of the environmental control and safety of an entire cleanroom at a fraction of the cost—one of several factors which enable us to offer our services at, on average, 40-50% of what our competitors charge.

An engineer placing a small glass hard disk platter onto our burnishing machine to clean off microscopic dust and debris
An engineer placing a small glass hard disk platter onto our burnishing machine to clean off microscopic dust and debris

Gillware Cares About Providing the Best Data Recovery Service Possible

There’s still a chance to save your data. Send your device to us for a free, comprehensive evaluation and we’ll give you a prepaid UPS label for free inbound shipping to our lab.