Data Recovery Services: Hard Drives, SSD, RAID, Flash, Phones & More

In our data recovery lab, our skilled engineers recover data from every type of digital storage device, no matter how big or how small.

Our data recovery services will help you trough any of these situations-and more.

Is your hard drive clicking?

Did you spill coffee on your laptop?

Has your USB drive been snapped in half?

Is your NAS struggling to boot up?

Do you need Data Recovered from a virtual disk?

Data loss happens.

There are dozens of things that can cause it. Data can be deleted by accident or on purpose. You or your cat might knock your external hard drive off your desk, or the hard disk in your desktop PC might just break down from old age after serving you faithfully for 5-10 years. Whether your data is stored on a hard disk drive, a solid state drive, a USB flash drive, a microSD card, your phone, your tablet, or a server, data loss is one of those things that just happens–especially when you least expect it

When it does happen, no matter who or what causes it, you need professional recovery engineers to perform the data recovery services you need… and you’ve come to just the right place to find those people.

Why Choose Gillware?

No Data, No Charge Guarantee

World-Class services fro all types of data and devices

Get your data back quickly and securely

No fees for cancellation or unsuccessful attempts

Work is never outsourced to other labs

Goal-oriented data retrieval procedures

Immediate price range estimates

Free shipping to our lab

Free evaluation in-lab followed by a firm price quote

Emergency Data Recovery Services

If you’re a business owner or a freelancer, data loss can be all the more devastating. Whether you use consumer-grade hard drives or enterprise-class hardware, hard drive failures and server crashes can be delayed, but are ultimately inevitable. Data loss can mean lost money, lost productivity, and worst of all, lost customer trust. Not only do you need your data back—you need it back pronto.

With Priority service, you get preferential treatment in our case queue to make sure our engineers recover your data as quickly as possible. Depending on the situation, your device may only spend less than a single day in our lab before we’ve successfully retrieved your critical data, although Priority service typically cost two to three times as much as standard data recovery services.

A History of Quality Data Retrieval Service

Founded in 2003 by Brian Gill and his brother Tyler Gill, Gillware Data Recovery was created to offer the same level of professional services labs at the time offered almost exclusively to large corporations to small businesses and home users at sensible prices. Gillware pioneered free in-lab evaluations and “no data, no charge” policies when every other data recovery business in the world was still charging up to hundreds of dollars just for the privilege of looking at a customer’s failed hard drive. Gillware has stuck to its mission to be there for the little guy for the past fifteen years without fail.

A handful of the data recovery experts in our data recovery company
Meet our team of Data Recovery Specialists! Operating out of our secure data recovery lab in Madison, Wisconsin, our data recovery specialists can help you move past your data loss woes.

Explore Our Clean Room Data Recovery Lab

Our lab has world-class tools and environment for hard drive repair and logical device recovery. In our cleanroom, our engineers work at ISO 5 Class-100 certified modular cleanroom benches. These workstations provide all of the environmental control and safety of an entire cleanroom at a fraction of the cost—one of several factors which enable us to offer our services at, on average, 40-50% of what our competitors charge.

Gillware Cares About Providing the Best Data Recovery Service Possible

There’s still a chance to save your data. Send your device to us for a free, comprehensive evaluation and we’ll give you a prepaid UPS label for free inbound shipping to our lab.

Why Choose Gillware As Your Data Recovery Service Provider?

The number one reason to consider hiring Gillware to get your data back is our staff. We have some of the best computer scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers in the business.  Many of our engineers have over 20,000 hours of in lab recovery experience.  After successfully recovering data from every storage manufacturer thousands of times and investing in the research and development to reverse engineer and perform failure analysis on many hundreds of types of storage equipment, chances are we’ve seen your exact situation hundreds of times before. Whether you have a clicking external hard drive or a 48 drive SAN feeding ISCSI targets to a VMware hypervisor with a deleted LUN, we’ve been there and done that.

Gillware also strives to have the very best customer service in the industry. We understand data loss can be a very stressful experience.  Many of our clients are themselves managed service providers or IT professionals, and their end clients are panicked and require thoughtful and frequent communication.

Gillware’s founders, Brian and Tyler Gill, continue to be heavily involved in the organization.  After more than 15 years of assisting our clients with over 130,000 successful in lab recoveries, they remain committed to helping each and every client they can out of these data disasters.

Gillware is 100% committed to data security and privacy.  Whether our client is a government institution with classified data, a publicly traded company with incredibly sensitive business data, or a healthcare institution with patient data or a financial services company whose data is covered by government regulations, we will keep that data secure.  Data is sent back to our clients on encrypted storage devices, so even if those packages are intercepted the data is safe and secure.

Data Recovery Services Cost

All our clients want to know three things.  Can this critical data be recovered? How long will this process take? And ultimately, how much will it cost?  While there are non-recoverable situations, the good news is the vast majority of the time we can indeed recover the data.   The last two questions are however interlinked.  If your business-critical data is needing our staff of engineers to work nights and weekends, and prioritize your case over our other client’s cases, you’ll be needing to choose our Emergency Data Recovery Services.  There are significant fees for cutting in line and inconveniencing our other clients, not to mention having our world class engineers giving up time with their families and young ones, especially around the holidays.  But our business clients demand we offer the services and our role is to serve.

Where do the costs come from?  The bulk of the costs are derived from the type of engineers that will be required to work on your case and how long it will take them.  There are also costs involved with replacement parts for a broken storage device, possible clean room bench time, return media and shipping.   There are also indirect costs associated with our commitment to data recovery research and development, ISO5 certifications of our clean room equipment, lab equipment and facilities, along with all the normal types of costs that every American business has like healthcare and benefit packages for its employees.

We have an experienced client advisor team that is able to listen to your situation and give you a great idea on what you can expect your case will cost and how long it will take. You can call us, send us a SMS, email or web chat.  If now is not a good time, you can even schedule a time that works for you on our calendar.  Click here for all the convenient ways to get ahold of our client advisor team!

Data Recovery Service Hard Drive (HDD)

One of the most common data loss situations we encounter is a client that requires recovery from a broken HDD. Over 100,000 times Gillware has successfully recovered data from failed hard drives.  Drives that are clicking and require cleanroom services are an everyday occurrence here at Gillware and that has been true since 2004. We have the experienced professionals, the correct scientific equipment, and the ISO5 certified cleanroom environments required to give you the very best chance to recover your critical data.

We also see dozens of scenarios every week with hard drives with failed spindle motors, burned printed circuitry (PCB), or corrupted firmware.  You can count on the very best people possible to perform the necessary hard drive repair, who have seen similar situations hundreds of time, working on your case.  When the data really matters, you don’t want the person attempting to help to be doing this kind of storage failure analysis of this type for the first time.

Sometimes, the hard drive is healthy, but the data is missing or got accidentally deleted, or a partition got accidentally or maliciously formatted.  There is a 99.9% chance we fully understand the binary formats of the file types you would like recovered.  There is a 100% chance we fully understand and have written software to analyze and find the forensic artifacts of whatever file system your system was running, whether that is FAT, NTFS, REFS, EXT2/3/4, XFS, BTFS, HFS+, APFS, ReiserFS, VMFS, or any of the other vintage or rare file systems.  We see the worst possible data destruction situations and give you the best chance possible for recovery.

Data Recovery Service for SD Cards

SD card recovery is more common than ever.  Many of our clients had no idea these little cards could even fail. Or perhaps they simply pushed the wrong button on their phone or camera and accidentally reformatted their pictures and videos out of existence. Even when off the shelf software recoveries fail, our staff can access the NAND chipset directly to often pull the data back from the brink.

Data Recovery Service for Iphone / Smart Phone / Cell Phones

Every day clients send in smart phones for data recovery here at Gillware. We employ some of the world’s most foremost experts in cell phone forensics, so we are a great option to assist with these scenarios. Even if a local provider has attempted to repair the battery, screen, firmware and failed, we can almost always recover the data. We see phones that fell in toilets or pools, phones that got run over by cars, smashed by toddlers, chewed up by dogs, pretty much every situation you can think of we’ve seen it.

There are some situations that are non-recoverable.  Most commonly, if your phone has performed a factory reset and it’s a modern phone, unfortunately there is a very high likelihood that your data is encrypted by that phone, and when you reset it that unique encryption certificates got permanently overwritten.

If your smart phone is very modern and expensive, these recoveries can also be prohibitively expensive if they require replacement parts from a doppelganger phone. It is always best to contact a member of our client advisor team to discuss your situation and the model of the phone, and they will give you a great idea on the feasibility of the recovery and projected costs involved.

If you are a member of a law enforcement and require authentication bypass, or a lawyer involved with a matter of civil litigation, those cases are exclusively handled by our mobile forensics team.