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Gillware Data Recovery has some of the industry’s foremost experts on server data recovery. Whether you have a crashed network attached storage device or a storage area network device in need of data recovery, you can trust the data recovery specialists at Gillware Data Recovery to get the job done.

Here you will find every post on Gillware Data Recovery’s blog with the tag “server.” These range from articles on Gillware’s process and how these devices work to case studies showing off the skills of Gillware Data Recovery’s talented technicians and the range of work that can be done in our lab.

ZFS Data Recovery: PowerVault MD1000 Failure

Dell PowerVault MD1000 data recovery

What Is ZFS? ZFS is an open-source file system designed by Sun Microsystems. The ZFS filesystem takes on a lot of responsibility—more so than most file systems. Among ZFS’s bag of tricks are advanced journaling and self-healing features designed to…

Risky RAID-5 VHDX Rebuild

VHDX recovery

In this VHDX recovery case study, the client had several Hyper-V virtual machines stored in the VHDX format on their three-drive RAID-5 server. The RAID-5 server was comprised of two 600 GB Western Digital SAS hard drives and one HP…

VMFS RAID-5 Failure

One of the four Seagate Constellation drives from this VMFS recovery case

In this data recovery case study, the client had a failed RAID-5 array in their server. The array consisted of four enterprise-grade Seagate Constellation hard drives inside it, providing 12 terabytes of storage space. While the client could still mount…