The Best Endorsement: From a Mom

Celebrity endorsements don’t come cheap, and they aren’t without their share of complexities.

We’ve been grateful when clients with interesting stories are willing to share their experience with Gillware, but we’ve never pursued the use of a celebrity’s endorsement or testimonial.

In order to remain the most price competitive option among the nation’s most reliable and secure data recovery labs, we rely mostly on positive reviews and word of mouth.

But we forayed, in a way, into the world of endorsements with the opportunity to “sponsor” someone truly worth celebrating — a great mom. Jessica Turner came to us because her external hard drive took a fall and stopped working, leaving her family without access to years of kids’ photos.

Jessica is a widely read professional blogger who publishes “The Mom Creative.” We agreed to perform her recovery in exchange for her reviews of Gillware. She had complete editorial control; we did not approve, revise or even see the content before it was published.

She revealed in her post that she planned to write a blog thanking us anyway, so maybe we could have been tougher negotiators. But we’re extremely pleased to have been able to help Jessica, and to be featured twice on her wonderful blog.

The data we save comes in all varieties. For us, the way in which it’s handled renders it essentially indistinguishable while it’s with us. Our engineers see hexadecimal characters that represent what lies in each sector. It gets extracted to the transfer drive for shipment back to the customer using a database system that we can use to test and assure quality without opening files.

But when we are shown the story afterward, we are reminded of what these 1s and 0s truly can be. They can be the captured moments of parenthood. They can be that picture of the first time a baby got buckled into a car seat and went home with a nervous driver. They can be that picture of the first time a smile had teeth. They can be that picture of a child at the center of mess and chaos that fills a heart with love.

Thank you, Jessica, for reminding us of how beautiful data can be. We’re proud sponsors of your victories, defeats and never-ending hard work as a mom.