Photo Recovery Services

One of the most common forms of data our engineers are asked to retrieve on a daily basis in our data recovery lab are photos. Whether it’s a household’s years’ worth of family photos, a professional photographer’s thousands of photos from a wedding service, or a hobbyist birdwatcher’s collection of photos of the majestic red-tailed hawk, the photos we so easily store on our computers, in our external hard drives, on our phones, and in our cameras are among the most precious forms of data we create–and create we do, an estimated over one trillion per year.

When that data goes missing, you might feel devastated; as if those memories you’ve captured have been ripped away from you. You keep asking yourself, "How can I recover lost photos?", knowing the odds are slim that you can do it yourself. Not to mention, if you’re a professional photographer and such misfortune falls on you, this could strike a horrible blow to your career and your ability to sustain yourself through your work. But this is where Gillware's professional recovery services come in.

No matter how you’ve lost those precious photos, we here at Gillware can help get them back. Whether your computer won’t boot, your external hard drive has fallen to the floor, or the SD card from your camera or phone keeps showing up as blank or corrupted, or you accidentally reformat or delete your data, we have the tools and expertise to bring back your memories and put your mind at ease.

We're On Your Side

Gillware: The best choice for photo data recovery

Whether you're who's just lost all of your photos of a passed-away loved one or you're a professional photographer who's just lost an entire wedding shoot, Gillware is the best choice to make things right.

No matter your situation, we can help you.

We offer:

  • Free consultation
  • Free in-lab evaluation
  • Free inbound shipping
  • World-class expertise
  • Groundbreaking tools and techniques
  • Financially risk-free services

Benefits of In-Lab Photo Recovery Services

When you need photos recovered, you are probably thinking, "Which is the best photo recovery software?". You want something you can use on your own to spare yourself a trip to your local computer or phone repair shop or a data recovery lab. You might even be looking for software online that can analyze your phone, flash drive, external hard drive, or other device and dredge up your missing files, without installing software to your computer. You want things cheap, convenient, and fast. You want an app or software tool for your mobile phone or your computer that will work quickly, be easy to use, and get your photos back. But do you want your photos recovered fast... or do you want them recovered right?

Steer Clear of the Pitfalls of Photo Recovery Apps

Do-it-yourself apps, such as deleted photo recovery software for mobile phones, can be a double-edged sword. Using them without careful consideration can harm your lost photos, rendering some or even all of them irretrievable. In particular, there are three major issues that can arise when using an app to recover lost data on your own:

What Experts Can Do for You

Recovery software for mobile phones and computers can help you out, but often it's best to trust the experts. At a professional data recovery lab, you can count on people with years of experience to recover lost photos from all sorts of data storage devices. This includes photo recovery from Mac and PC systems, Androids and iPhones, USB and memory card devices. Our experts are adept at recovering photos that have been accidentally deleted and recovering photos from reformatted storage devices as well as recovering corrupted photos and photos lost due to hardware failure or physical damage. We use extremely robust data recovery tools of our own design far surpassing the capabilities of most consumer-available recovery tools.

Hard Drive Photo Recovery Services

People don’t often think about how hard the hard disk drive inside your computer or the external hard drive sitting on your desk works to store your data. But work hard they do, and the components inside your hard drive are delicate and complex. Hard drives can fail when subjected to physical trauma, such as being dropped, or to a sudden loss or surge of power. They can also fail due to old age or factory defects as their parts wear out.

"How do I recover photos from my hard drive?"

When any one of these components–or multiple components–break down, only experts in a world-class clean room facility have the tools to repair them and salvage data from the drive.

Failed hard disk drives will often fail to spin up. They can also make unusual beeping or clicking noises. To recover your photos from a failed hard drive, our hard disk recovery engineers often need to open it up in a contaminant-free clean room workstation.

Photo Recovery from SD Cards

Many of the photos we take today end up on the SD cards inside digital cameras or the tiny microSD cards inside mobile phones. These devices don’t store data the same way hard drives do; instead of spinning disks, these use chips of NAND flash memory. When these devices fail and make your photos seem to go up in smoke, it takes engineers with expertise in repairing failed SD cards and microSD cards to salvage data from them.

Mobile Phone Recovery Services

Mobile phones store more precious and meaningful personal data than ever before. For many of us, phones have replaced cameras altogether. Most of us have hundreds of photos taken on our phones that never leave the removable SD card or internal eMMC chip inside our phones. When our phones die on us, the data on them may seem lost forever. At Gillware, our phone recovery experts work to recover data from mobile phones as part of recovering photos.

Deleted Photo Recovery Services

At Gillware Data Recovery, our engineers constantly encounter situations in which people need photos recovered have accidentally deleted their photos or reformatted their device, seemingly wiping it clear of all data. Many software tools exist to help users recover deleted photos. But few widely-available software tools come equipped to handle difficult situations involving deleted data. Our logical data recovery experts have extensive experience with Windows, Mac, and Linux filesystems. We know where data lives and where it goes when it gets deleted.

Why Choose Gillware to Get Your Photos Back?

At Gillware Data Recovery, we provide affordable, financially risk-free photo recovery services. When you have a broken hard drive, SD card, or phone on your hands and you want professional data recovery experts to handle getting your photos back, choosing Gillware is the best choice you can make.

Gillware’s recovery services are completely financially risk-free. Our data recovery process starts with an evaluation of your storage device, with no upfront costs. We even offer to cover the cost of inbound shipping, via a printable, prepaid UPS shipping label provided for customers in the continental US.

After we finish evaluating your data recovery needs, we present you with a firm price quote. We only go ahead with our recovery services once you approve our quote. We work with you to determine your goals for recovery. After we’ve recovered everything we can, we only charge you once we’ve successfully met your goals. As part of our “no data, no charge” guarantee, you owe us nothing if we cannot recover enough of your valuable photos.

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