Looking for Data Recovery Services Near Me?

No matter what you’re looking for: a barber, lawn care services, a grocery store, or a computer repair expert; most people try to find products and services that are as close as possible to where they live.

The Closest Data Recovery Service Probably isn’t Best


Despite the fact that modern consumers have access to more information than anyone could possibly comprehend; many consumers still struggle to effectively research products or services they are considering before they make a purchase. A phenomenon known as delayed gratification offers an interesting psychoanalytical perspective on why many consumers find themselves Googling data recovery near me.

Delayed gratification asserts that a mature and socially well adjusted individual should be capable of resisting an immediate solution to a problem if they know a better option will be available if they exercise patience.

Through the twisted eyes of Sigmund Freud, attempting to deliver your hard drive to the closest business that claims to conduct data recovery is an excellent example of total failure to delay gratification.

Do you Actually Need Data Recovery Services Near Me?

Gillware may not provide data recovery services near you (unless you live near Madison, Wisconsin or Troy, Michigan). However, at the end of the day, that doesn’t matter. The distance between your primary residence and the Gillware Data Recovery laboratory has little bearing on whether Gillware would be the best data recovery laboratory to suit your needs.

Mail in data recovery services have been offered by Gillware for nearly twenty years, and over that time we have developed a secure, efficient, and timely framework for processing mail in data recovery cases. If your top priority is maximizing your chance of successful data recovery, go with one of the tried and tested pros. For nearly twenty years, Gillware Data Recovery has provided clients from around the country with premium data recovery services at fair prices.

1.  What if There Aren’t Data Recovery Services Near Me?

First off, there are only a handful of data recovery companies with certified class 100 cleanroom labs in the United States. The rest merely outsource their cases to other data recovery labs. Unless you live in one of the several cities in the country that hosts a professional data recovery lab, there aren’t any data recovery service providers near you.

When you think about putting your hard drive in a box and sending it halfway across the country (or further), it certainly sounds daunting. What if your hard drive gets mishandled, or even lost?

2. There’s Nothing Scary about Shipping your HDD to a Data Recovery Lab

Shipping your hard drive or other storage device isn’t as difficult or risky as you might fear.

Since the majority of our clients send their equipment to us using prepaid UPS labels we’ve provided, we can track the vast majority of the cases we receive from start to finish. We receive hundreds of hard drives and other storage devices from all over the country every week. None of them end up lost in transit or brutalized by inattentive or capricious postal workers. As long as you package it well, your hard drive will arrive safe and sound.

Disastrous Results from “Data Recovery Near Me” Hypothetical Scenario

The following hypothetical highlights a situation where you chose to work with the closest ‘data recovery near me’ business. After driving 45 minutes for a consultation, the technician briefly glances at your external hard drive, and mumbles that he can restore all your data for $300, and he would be done working on the drive the day after tomorrow.

You’re a smart consumer, and you aren’t going to be overcharged for data recovery. So you break out your iPhone and frantically research data recovery services online to get an idea of fair market prices. You accept that $300 data recovery is a fair proposition, so you accept the estimate and drive home.

Two days later, you wake up feeling like a kid on Christmas. You’re finally going to recover the hundreds of hours of blood, sweat, and tears you had dedicated to your thesis paper. You try calling the local data recovery tech, and the phone rings twice and goes to voicemail. You shrug and accept that they must be busy working on your drive or helping another client. You call three more times over the rest of the day, but you end up in voicemail every time. The next day you wake up with one thought passing through your mind. What Have I Done.

Yet again, you attempt to reach the data-recovery-near-me company by phone. For the 5th time, your call is declined. Your emotional state is hovering between hysterical sobbing and white-hot rage. You storm out to the car and start driving to the computer repair shop again. Desperate for an explanation of the terrible customer service, you burst thought the front door, the employee who completed your intake immediately looks at his shoes.

He looks like a deer in the headlights of a big-rig. Your drive is sitting on the table, exposed HDD platters reflecting fluorescent light from the ceiling. On one side of your open hard drive is the top of the case that typically insulates the HDD platters from environmental contaminants. On the other side is an open bag of Cheetos. The employee behind the desk shrugs and says ‘sorry, we weren’t able to recover any of your data. You can have the hard drive back if you want.’

In your haste to choose a data recovery service based on the businesses proximity to where you live, you failed to recognize that this shop doesn’t offer risk-free data recovery. Not only have you wasted time, energy, and money with this experience; but when you go to close the drive, you notice Cheetos dust on the shiny silver HDD platters. Was seeking out the closest possible ‘data recovery lab’ worth it?

A Better Search Might be: “Best Data Recovery Labs in the United States”

This hypothetical scenario is obviously a collection of extreme examples, but it highlights some of the worst situations a data recovery client could experience if they chose to work with an inexperienced data recovery operation.

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