Data Recovery Services at Gillware

Gillware is passionate about getting your data back.  For almost two decades we have been at the forefront in the fight against data loss. Since 2004 we’ve successfully recovered data from well over 100,000 storage devices. We have the best equipment and the best home-grown recovery software. Our processes are well-defined and have stood the test of time. More importantly, we have the seasoned recovery engineers with a combined 200,000 hours of professional data recovery experience. Gillware is the best value in data recovery services with leading edge technology at competitive pricing. We look forward to assisting you get your critical data back.

We are the worldwide leader in damaged hard drive recovery. Since 2004 we have successfully recovered data from over 100,000 broken hard disks. We are able to recover data from hard drives displaying a number of different symptoms, including beeping and clicking.

We lead the world in advanced flash recovery. We are the experts to turn to for broken thumb sticks, SD cards that had photos deleted, or solid state drives (SSD) that fail to detect in BIOS. We are here to assist with all your flash data recovery needs.

We have seen and done it all with virtual server recovery. Whether your SAN crashed, or someone deleted your ISCSI target files or LUNs, we can get your virtual machines back. We are VMFS experts and are recommended directly by VMWare.

Whether it be a NAS device or an enterprise-class server crashed, our RAID recovery engineers are able to recover your data, even from the most severely damaged storage arrays. Not a day goes by that we don’t recover data from RAID-5 arrays with multiple drive failures.

With our emergency service tier, our clients get preferential treatment in our case queues to make sure our engineers recover your data as quickly as possible. Our recovery staff will work nights and weekends to get the job done rapidly when time is of the essence.

A Cut Above the Rest

We’re not your average data recovery company. Here are some of our favorite reasons why.

Our Commitment

We are relentless in our pursuit of advanced recovery technology. We create our own in-house hardware and software to deal with the most difficult data recovery situations. Some of our biggest partners are other data recovery labs, who refer clients to us in the most complex and dire situations.

Our Team

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become in an expert in a field. Our data recovery engineers have a combined 200,000 hours of data recovery experience. We employ legitimate computer scientists, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers. We recover data with science, experience, and passion.

Our Approach

We are always evolving. Day in and day out we look for new methods, new clues, and new procedures to provide top-notch data recovery services. Our clients in the continental US start with a complimentary inbound shipment via UPS and complimentary evaluation. We take pride in recovering your data at a competitive price.

Our Clients

We are the luckiest. To us, our clients are far more than a case number. We understand how important your data is and do everything we can to get you back on track. Nothing gives us more pride than having helped thousands of businesses and consumers out of data disasters. There is real joy in assisting people out of these jams.

Our Referral Network

Over 2,000 managed service providers and computer repair facilities refer their clients to us when they need data recovered. Why? They know we are the best value in data recovery and we offer the best chance to recover the data at a competitive price. Large companies like Dell, Micro Center and VMWare directly refer clients to us as well.

Our Success Rates

We leverage our experience and unique, home-grown hardware and software to provide the highest success rates possible. We have spent millions of dollars to ensure we have the best specialty software and lab equipment to recover data at an optimal rate. This equipment not only drives our leading success rates but also our efficiency and competitive pricing. Real science makes things cheaper and better.

Our Clean Rooms

Our lab has world-class tools and environment for hard drive repair and logical device recovery. In our cleanroom, our engineers work at ISO 5 Class-100 certified modular cleanroom benches. Our unique burnishing equipment gives us legitimate chances when platters are scratched and damaged. We develop 100% unique tooling in house for performing micro surgeries on the most modern and high density hard disks.

Your Data Security

Keeping your data safe and secure is as important to us as recovering it in the first place. Your data will never be exposed to the internet. Our employees are background checked and trained to respect your privacy at all times. 99% of files can be quality assured using our in-house software, so humans don’t need to do manual testing or inspection of files. Data is returned on encrypted drives, and our forensic copies of your data are verified destroyed one week after you receive your data from us.

Hard Drive Repair

If you need data recovered from a broken hard drive, Gillware’s highly skilled technicians are your best bet. The seasoned engineers in our cleanroom have seen just about every model of hard drive invented over the past 20 years.

Mac Data Recovery

Gillware offers affordable, customer-friendly, and professional Mac data recovery services. We are a proud member of the Apple Consultants Network and more than capable of handling just about any sort of data loss situation involving your Macbook or iMac.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

You can count on Gillware to provide affordable, professional data recovery services when you need data recovered from an external hard drive. The engineers in our lab have thousands of hours of work repairing failed external hard drives and know exactly how to recover data from them safely and reliably.

RAID 5 Data Recovery

Since 2004 we have successfully recovered over 5,000 crashed RAID-5 arrays. Power surge killed your RAID configuration and array is showing up foreign or non-initialized? Two hard drives started clicking and have those dreaded amber lights? Look no further, you won’t find a better RAID-5 data recovery service team.

Server Data Recovery

Our server recovery experts have seen it all. Whether it is a SMB Dell Poweredge that crashed hard, an enterprise HPE ProLiant, or a Dell EqualLogic SAN that died in a large enterprise server farm, we have the expertise to recover the critical data rapidly and securely.

NAS Data Recovery

There isn’t a NAS crash that we haven’t seen hundreds of times. Whether it is a home NAS that has 2-4 drives that holds all your family memories, or an 8 drive NAS serving ISCSI targets to a ESXi server, we have the expertise to recover that critical data.

Deleted ISCSI Target

One of the emerging trends in data loss is the accidental or malicious deletion of ISCSI target files, or re-initialization of a SAN that was holding ISCSI files for a hypervisor. Who is at the technological forefront? You guessed it, it’s Gillware. Call now to speak with our expert engineers to understand project scope and projected costs.

Virtual Server Data Recovery

VMware/ESXi Recovery

The most complex cases we see come from virtual environments. It isn’t uncommon for there to be six or seven layers of abstraction between the raw physical disks and your precious data. There is often individual disks, physical array with caching, a logical unit with snapshotting, ISCSI target file definitions, VMFS file systems, VMDK files and their own delta/snapshotting files, and ultimately your data on an NTFS file system. We are experienced at fighting through problems at every level.

Deleted Virtual Machine

When virtual servers go down hard and backups are stale or maliciously deleted, an enterprise can be facing extreme stress to their productivity and financial well-being. This type of nightmare is what we were born to assist with. You want experts that have seen it and done it before, after a complimentary call with our staff you’ll have no doubt that we are the solution you are looking for. We are recommended by VMWare directly to assist clients out of these disasters.

Hyper-V Data Recovery

Our humans have 100% understanding of the file systems and file specifications for the HyperV environments. There is nothing about NTFS, REFS, VHD(X) files that we need to research. We’ve utilized that expertise to write our own in-house software, to scan for these forensic artifacts, so we can reconstruct those virtual servers and ultimately recover your data. Turn to the experts.

Deleted LUNs

Cyber-criminals will often delete the logical units of a NAS/SAN. Why? It is often because they have encrypted the primary data stores and need to quickly purge the backup environment. It is an emerging trend and we see it every single data at Gillware. If you have been the victim of a cyber-criminal, or a human made a mistake and accidentally deleted a logical unit or storage pool on a SAN, our experts are only one call away.

SSD Data Recovery

No lab works harder to provide quality solid state drive (SSD) recovery services than Gillware. If your SSD has failed, our SSD data recovery experts can help.

SD Card Data Recovery

If you’ve lost data from a failed flash memory device, you’re in the right place. At Gillware we offer professional, world-class help. Our data recovery engineers are able to recover files from SD cards using tools and expertise no other data recovery company has.

Flash Drive Data Recovery

Gillware provides cutting-edge USB flash drive recovery services for those times when you lose irreplaceable data that was stored on your flash drive.

iPhone Data Recovery

Here at Gillware, we are the iPhone data recovery experts. We are equipped with all of the tools, technology, and expertise needed to recover your data.

Android Data Recovery

Our engineers have years of experience recovering data from Androids. If you lost data from your Android phone, we are your best bet for getting that data back.

Samsung Data Recovery

Gillware’s affordable, secure, and efficient Samsung data recovery process make us the best choice for all of your Samsung device recovery needs.

Our Partners



VMWare recommends Gillware to their customers for their data recovery needs in virtual enterprise environments.


Gillware is the only data recovery company listed on Dell’s website and works with support agents to provide both software recovery and in-lab recovery for Dell customers.

Micro Center

Gillware and Micro Center have partnered together to provide world-class data recovery services throughout the United States at every Micro Center location.