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December 22, 2011
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January 31, 2012

Hard Drive Cover Removal: Seriously, Don’t Do It

This classic video from our archive confronts an issue that remains as important as ever to data recovery. We know people are naturally curious, but that curiosity can sometimes threaten the chances of a successful data recovery. The “do it yourself” spirit is alive and well in the age of video tutorials and online forums, but when it comes to your hard drive, you should never attempt a cover removal or any home data recovery method yourself. When hard drives have their cover removed outside of a data recovery lab, it almost always complicates the recovery attempt in the lab. Aside from the obvious barriers, like the chance of dirt or dust touching the platters, cover removal poses other threats to a successful recovery as well.

In this video, we show that simply changing the torque settings of the case screws can mean the difference between whether or not a Western Digital WD800 80 GB hard drive is detected by a computer when it’s plugged in. With incorrectly torqued case screws, the drive makes the “click of death” and is unrecognized by a computer. Hard drives are highly specialized, sensitive pieces of equipment. Even the slightest disruption can cause mechanical failure. For reliable data recovery with the highest chance of success, trust your data to the professionals at Gillware Data Recovery.