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In his book Outliers, pop psych writer Malcolm Gladwell popularized the “10,000 Hour Rule”. Gladwell claimed that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to become a world-class expert in any field. While the idea has largely been debunked, the concept behind it is sound. If you look at the geniuses in the world—great artists, virtuoso musicians, chess grandmasters—you will find that they all worked very hard for a long time to get where they are. At any rate, our most skilled data recovery technicians have been with us for years and have put in well over 10,000 hours of hard work into data recovery. At Gillware, our data recovery lab is filled with world-class data recovery experts.

Our data recovery lab here at Gillware sees over 100 data recovery cases come into our doors every week. And over 100 successfully-completed cases leave our lab every week. With our full-time data recovery technicians spending an average of 2,000-2,500 hours on data recovery cases per year, it can take only a few years for somebody in our engineering department to go from data recovery neophyte to data recovery expert.

Meet Your Data Recovery Experts

Our data recovery lab is filled with extremely skilled and educated computer scientist and engineers. In our cleanroom, we also have engineers who started out in fields completely unrelated to computer science. Through practice, study, and hard work at Gillware, they learned everything there is to know about hard drive repair and became true data recovery experts. Our data recovery experts include computer scientists and mechanical and electrical engineers. They also include US Marine Corps, Navy, and Army veterans, horticulturists, and geographers. Read on to find out more about our highly-skilled data recovery staff.

Brian Gill

data recovery expert Brian Gill Headshot

CEO and co-founder of Gillware, Brian and his brothers Tyler and Wesley started the company back in 2004. A University of Wisconsin alum with a B.S. in Computer Science, Brian used his expertise to research data recovery himself. Gillware started out small, running out of Brian’s proverbial garage (actually, the basement), but quickly expanded.

Scott Holewinski

data recovery expert Scott Holewinski headshot

Scott Holewinski, co-founder and CEO of Gillware Digital Forensics, obtained his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Scott is also the co-founder of Phoenix Nuclear Labs and Shine Medical Technologies.

data recovery expert Greg Andrzejewski headshotGreg Andrzejewski – 20,000 Hours

Our Director of Research and Development Greg Andrzejewski has been with us since 2008. He is a University of Michigan alum with a B.S. in Computer Engineering. Greg takes the lead in our development of SSD and flash memory recovery techniques, as well as complex RAID and virtual machine data recovery cases.

Data Recovery ExpertsNathan Little – 6,200 Hours

Nathan, our computer engineer, has been with us  since 2014 developing software for both our data recovery and data backup services. Among other things, Nathan’s software expertise helps us reassemble RAID arrays and untangle filesystems and virtual machines. Nathan now contributes heavily to Gillware Digital Forensics and Gillware Electronic Discovery.

Data Recovery ExpertsMike Skaar –  22,000 Hours

Our chief cleanroom engineer Mike Skaar is a decorated military veteran, having served as a machine gunner in the Marine Corps from 2000 to 2008 and earned a Purple Heart in 2006 during his service. Since joining Gillware in 2006, shortly after returning home from his tour in Iraq, Mike has become an expert in just about every aspect of hard drive repair.

Data Recovery ExpertsKirk Harvell – 15,000 Hours

A cleanroom engineer since 2010, Kirk Harvell has gone above and beyond 10,000 hours of data recovery work to become one of our experts. Before joining the fold at Gillware, Kirk had 11 years of experience in the US Marine Corps as a radar technician. He is one of the most well-traveled of our engineers, having set foot on three continents and many countries during his years of service. Kirk is also a certified personal trainer and self-defense instructor.

Data Recovery ExpertsBruce Hennings – 4,000 Hours

After spending 4 years of active duty as an electronic warfare specialist in the Navy and 5 in reserve as a logistics analyst, Bruce Hennings got a degree in IT from Globe University and came to work at Gillware. Bruce is our IT Guy and also a member of the Marketing team.

Data Recovery ExpertsAndy Grosvold – 10,000 Hours

Andy Grosvold is one of our chief logical cleanroom engineers. He has been with us at Gillware since 2012. Andy is responsible for both imaging repaired hard drives and analyzing hard drives that have suffered logical damage. Before working at Gillware, Andy worked as a cartographer.

Data Recovery ExpertsJustin Mohrmann – 10,000 Hours

Justin Mohrmann is an outdoorsman and survival enthusiast. Justin began working at Gillware in 2012 as a cleanroom engineer after getting a degree in computer science and business. Since then, he has become one of our data recovery experts.

Charles HeadshotCharles Lease – 5,000 Hours

Charles has been with us in our cleanroom since 2014. He works as a full-time cleanroom engineer, and is currently pursuing a degree in Mobile App Development from Madison Area Technical College. Outside of work, Charles plays electric guitar in a local band.

Drew HeadshotDrew Remsik – 6,000 Hours

Drew has been dismantling, evaluating, and repairing failed hard drives for Gillware since 2014. He holds a degree in Software Development from ITT Technical Institute. A very competitive person, Drew is an enthusiast for sports in general, but especially football.

Cody DornCody Dorn – 7,500 Hours

Cody has been with us since 2013 as one of our expert logical data recovery technicians. Cody spends most of his time at Gillware dealing with mobile phones, RAID arrays, and Linux filesystems. He has a degree in Software Development from ITT. One of Cody’s many hobbies include kayaking.

Data Recovery Internships

There are no trade schools that teach hard drive data recovery. There are no official data recovery degrees or certifications you can pursue. And so the only way to become a master in this industry is hands-on work in the field. Gillware Data Recovery has a co-op internship program for University of Wisconsin students of computer science. Currently, we have three full-time interns working along with our data recovery computer scientists and cleanroom engineers.

Trust the Experts to Get Your Data Back

At Gillware, our data recovery lab is full of people who have put in the years and hours of work to become experts. Our expert engineers, ISO 5 certified cleanroom workstations, and partnerships with hard drive manufacturers such as Western Digital make our Madison, Wisconsin data recovery lab world-class. If you’ve lost data from any sort of data storage device, get in touch with one of our recovery client advisers to find out how our data recovery experts can help you.

Why choose Gillware Data Recovery?

Gillware’s data recovery services are affordably priced, technologically innovative and completely secure.


Best-in-class engineering and software development staff
Gillware employs a full time staff of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, computer scientists and software developers to handle the most complex data recovery situations and data solutions

Strategic partnerships with leading technology companies
Gillware is proud to be a recommended provider for Dell, Western Digital and other major hardware and software vendors. These partnerships allow us to gain unique insight into recovering from these devices.

RAID Array / NAS / SAN data recovery
Using advanced engineering techniques, we can recover data from large capacity, enterprise grade storage devices such as RAID arrays, network attached storage (NAS) devices and storage area network (SAN) devices.

Virtual machine data recovery
Thanks to special engineering and programming efforts, Gillware is able to recover data from virtualized environments with a high degree of success.


SOC 2 Type II audited
Gillware has been security audited to ensure data safety, meaning all our facilities, networks, policies and practices have been independently reviewed and determined as completely secure.

Facility and staff
Gillware’s facilities meet the SOC 2 Type II audit requirements for security to prevent entry by unauthorized personnel. All staff are pre-screened, background checked and fully instructed in the security protocol of the company.

We are a GSA contract holder.
We meet the criteria to be approved for use by government agencies

GSA Contract No.: GS-35F-0547W

HIPAA compliant
Our entire data recovery process can be handled to meet HIPAA requirements for encryption, transfer and protection of e-PHI.


No obligation, no up-front fees, free inbound shipping and no-cost evaluations.
Gillware’s data recovery process is 100% financially risk free. We only charge if the data you want is successfully recovered.

Our pricing is 40-50% less than our competition.
By using cutting edge engineering techniques, we are able to control costs and keep data recovery prices low.

Instant online estimates.
By providing us with some basic information about your case, we can give you an idea of how much it will cost before you proceed with the recovery.

We only charge for successful data recovery efforts.
We work with you to define clear data recovery goals for our technicians, and only charge you upon successfully meeting these goals and recovering the data that is most important to you.

Gillware is trusted, reviewed and certified

Gillware has the seal of approval from a number of different independent review organizations, including SOC 2 Type II audit status, so our customers can be sure they’re getting the best data recovery service possible.

Gillware is a proud member of IDEMA and the Apple Consultants Network.

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