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Data Loss Happens.

We’ve seen nearly every possible data loss event happen. From a dropped external HDD to a crashed enterprise-grade server, we've seen them happen... and dealt with them with unparalleled success rates

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Gillware's data recovery Austin, TX services have your back.

No Matter What, Gillware's Austin, TX Data Recovery Services Can Help

Data Recovery in the Austin, TX Metropolitan Area

Whether you need data from a single crashed laptop or a massive server stocked with dozens of enterprise-grade drives, Gillware Data Recovery is only a day away.
With our expedited emergency data recovery service options, your mission-critical data can be returned to you in as little as two business days.
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Emergency Data Recovery Services
In Austin, TX

If you’re a business owner or a freelancer, data loss can be all the more devastating. Whether you use consumer-grade hard drives or enterprise-class hardware, hard drive failures and server crashes are ultimately inevitable, no matter how long you manage to stave it off. Data loss can mean lost money, lost productivity, and worst of all, lost customer trust. Not only do you need your data back—you need it back as soon as possible.

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Gillware's experts are specially trained and highly skilled computer and mechanical engineers capable of both repairing damaged storage devices and recovering data lost due to accidental or purposeful deletion, reformatting, and system restores. In Gillware's lab, data can be recovered from the following devices and more: