7 Things IT Professionals Hate to Hear

IT professionals put up with a lot. Whether you’re a system administrator or a managed service provider, end users can sometimes drive you a little crazy. Even though I work in the industry, I’m sure I’m guilty of making our tech support team want to pull their hair out every once in a while. But you guys are super heroes. You put up with it all and keep your companies (or your clients’ companies!) running like well oiled machines.

But it’s not always easy, and we feel your pain. That’s why we put together this list of seven things IT pros hate to hear. Take a minute for a little comic relief in your day, and know you’re not alone!

1. “Do you have a minute?”

Yeah, totally, not busy at all…

2. “The email sounded legit, so I downloaded the attachment…”

A Nigerian Prince you say?

3. “I don’t need a backup, I take my flash drive home every night.”

Do you REALLY though?

4. “What’s my password again?”

The password hint is…password.

5. “I know you showed me how to do this, but I forgot.”

Let me show you again…

6. “I read online you can hit a hard drive with a hammer to make it work again.”

That sounds like a one way ticket to unrecoverable data.

7. “Were you leaving? This will only take a second.”

Usually when you’re already an hour past when your lunch was going to start.

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