XenServer Data Recovery

When you lose personal data, it can be devastating. But when you lose your business’s data, your business comes to a grinding halt. That means lost productivity, lost revenue, and lost customer trust. A Citrix XenServer is an excellent way to consolidate company data on virtualized disk space, but that doesn’t make it immune to issues. Data can be intentionally deleted, accidentally deleted, or simply corrupted. When that happens, it has to be recovered and restored by XenServer data recovery experts. Malicious programs, server hardware failures, virtual disk corruption, and employee mistakes can all lead to significant data loss. Even with backups, a company needs to have a plan.

Gillware offers free in-lab evaluations and financially risk-free data recovery services.

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XenServer Data Recovery

A Citrix XenServer is an excellent way for businesses to store data, but it is not infallible. Even virtualized disks can potentially fail–they are, after all, still dependent on hardware–and without professional XenServer data recovery, the data on it could be lost forever. If you have a Citrix XenServer that has failed or has corrupted its data and need XenServer data recovery services, there are a few things that you need to know:

  • It’s important to fix data corruption as quickly as possible. If a XenServer has begun experiencing data issues, it’s possible that these issues could propagate. Though only a few files may be damaged at first, the damage could cascade and eventually corrupt the entirety of the virtual drive.
  • Even intentionally deleted data can often be recovered. Sometimes employees may delete files that are needed… or a company may find out that critical files were deleted after they have already been removed. A professional service can often find this deleted data and restore it.
  • Professional data recovery is fast and effective. Professional data recovery experts have a wide variety of tools and techniques designed to recover data as reliably as possible. A professional service will be able to generate a list of recoverable files and recover these files quickly.
  • Virtual servers should still be backed up. Creating a backup solution will reduce many of the potential issues that can be encountered with a Citrix XenServer. These backups should be kept on a separate external device or on a network device–and it will need to be kept up to date.
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XenServer Virtual Drive Recovery

Further, you should also know that there are two types of virtual drive and hence two types of XenServer data recovery: XenServer VHD recovery and XenServer VHDX recovery. The data recovery process, its speed, and its results ultimately rely heavily upon the virtual disk format that is being used.

XenServer VHD Data Recovery

Limited to 2 TB in capacity, the VHD format is now considered a legacy format. As a legacy format, VHD is generally considered to be more susceptible to corruption and other disk issues. Luckily, this also means that there are many tried-and-true techniques and tools available for the recovery of data on VHD. Once recovered, VHD files can be converted to a VHDX format–which will convey the benefits of the newer technology. For systems prior to Windows Server 2012, however, VHD files may still be easier to use.

XenServer VHDX Data Recovery

VHDX files can be as large as 64 TB. Compared to VHD files, VHDX files are significantly harder to corrupt. But this also means that corruption is rarely encountered; professional services may often need to be engaged to recover data from a VHDX drive. As a consequence of the larger capacity, a fully corrupted VHDX file could potentially lose large volumes of data. Nevertheless, VHDX is still preferred by most organizations due to its increased stability, reliability, and performance. VHDX files have larger block sizes, are able to store custom metadata, and are optimized to work with newer systems.

The Citrix XenServer is a very well-optimized piece of technology. It is able to streamline a company’s operations while improving performance and reducing costs–but, at the same time, the Citrix XenServer may also experience data loss or data corruption. When this happens, it’s time to call Gillware Data Recovery. The XenServer data recovery experts at Gillware will take a look at your VHD or VHDX virtual drives at no cost to you and provide completely financially risk-free data recovery services. For business clients who need data back in a hurry, we even offer expedited emergency data recovery services.

If you need help recovering data from a Citrix XenServer device, contact us to take full advantage of the world-class data recovery services we provide.