Deleted Text Messages and Contacts

One slip of the finger is all it takes, and you’ve deleted text messages from your Android phone or iPhone–maybe months’ worth of text messages between you and a loved one or a good friend. You’ve wiped out records of entire conversations tapped out with thumbs on touchscreen keyboards. One wrong move is all it takes, and you’ve wiped out a big chunk of your contacts list. Your deleted contacts included your buddies, your siblings, your mother, spouse, children…

Now what?

Whether you’ve accidentally deleted an important contact or a valuable chain of text messages, Gillware can help when all else fails.

Gillware Can Recover Text Messages and Contacts

When you need anything recovered from your phone, whether you’ve accidentally deleted text messages or your phone just stopped working, the best phone data recovery experts in the country are here for you.

Gillware offers phone data recovery services with free evaluations and firm, exact price quotes. Payment for data recovery work is only required upon our meeting your clearly-defined goals, although the cost of a donor phone (when required by our engineers) may need to be taken upfront. We only do data recovery when our customers are comfortable with the cost of our efforts, with no cancellation fees or charges for unsuccessful case results.

We’ll get your text and contacts back

Gillware Data Recovery Engineer

The best thing about smartphones is that no one has to memorize anyone’s phone number anymore, leaving us free to memorize other, more important things. And not only that–we’ve done away with cumbersome address books as well. It’s a convenience anyone who remembers hefting a giant, worn, dog-eared phonebook of all your family’s friends’ and relatives’ phone numbers (edited and annotated ad infinitum, with numbers and addresses scribbled out and scribbled over) is grateful for.

However, in ancient Greece, philosophers like Plato and Socrates once complained about, of all things, written language, believing that without the need to memorize things, people would just get dumber. Of course, their complaints are laughable today, when we now know that it takes a lot more than that to make people stupid. Recording things helps us recall things as they really were, not how our brains might misremember them.

Of course, when you lose your contacts list and suddenly find yourself struggling to call your mom, you might want to think that maybe Plato and Socrates were onto something. But don’t be so hard on yourself. Instead of beating yourself up and lamenting the decadent ways of modern humanity, get the help you need.

When modern conveniences fail, our reliance on them stops feeling like a blessing and starts feeling more like a curse.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android Phones

There are a ton of deleted text message recovery software tools out there, but you have to be very careful when using them. When you delete things from your phone, the files go into a sort of digital purgatory before they’re purged for good. The more you use your phone, the closer those files come to being deleted for good. So, immediately once you’ve realized what’s happened, there are three things you need to do right away:

  1. Turn airplane mode on
  2. Turn Wi-Fi off
  3. Stop using your phone

Don’t visit any web pages. Don’t make any calls or take any calls. Don’t send new text messages. Don’t go on Twitter or Facebook. Everything you do creates at least a little bit of new data, and any of that new data can land on top of the old data and erase it for good.

Avoid any data recovery app that runs off of your phone. The last thing you want to do is install new software to your phone. Instead, you need to connect your phone to a PC and run the software off your computer instead.

If your software of choice can’t find the data you need to recover (and there’s always a chance it won’t), don’t give up hope. You haven’t run out of options yet.

What If Deleted Text Message Data Recovery Software Doesn’t Work?

Smartphone burnt in pieces
Even if your phone looks like this, our engineers can still recover data from it.

It’s always a possibility that the software you download to recover lost text messages or the tools your local cell phone repair shop uses won’t find anything. Even so, there’s no need to give into despair. In fact, you might be on this page right now because the shop you went to was part of our nationwide partner program and the technician who looked at your phone sent you to us. Gillware excels at doing the things no one else can do, thanks to the thousands of hours of skillful work our data recovery experts have racked up in our lab.

Sometimes quirks of a mobile device’s internal memory mean that deleted texts and deleted contacts that seem to have vanished completely can still be hiding in your phone. Gillware’s experts use extremely powerful forensic data recovery tools to drag these out.

Why Choose Gillware Data Recovery?

Gillware’s in-lab data recovery services are affordably priced, technologically innovative and completely secure.

Gillware’s Phone Recovery Specialists are Experts

The data recovery technicians at Gillware successfully solve thousands of cases per year, working with phones and smart devices of every make and model and salvaging data from even the severest circumstances using advanced forensic data recovery tools and techniques.

Gillware offers free inbound shipping to our secure data recovery lab in Madison, Wisconsin.

Don’t Lose Hope

Even if no one else can help you recover your lost texts and contacts, Gillware has the tools and expertise others lack. Let the best data recovery lab in the country work to make things right.

Data Recovery from iPhone

Gillware has extensive experience with Apple iPhone data recovery. Apple provides two major backup solutions for the iPhone: iCloud and local backups. While many iPhone users who experience technical failure have backed their data up with one of these methods, it’s still entirely possible that you have deleted important text messages before you backed up your device. If this is the case, reach out to Gillware immediately. Gillware data recovery engineers can assist you with Apple iPhone data recovery.