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QNAP Data Recovery Case Study: RAID-6 Failure

A RAID (redundant array of independent disks) is a way to string individual hard drives together so that they behave like a single giant hard drive. […]

Emergency Data Recovery

Emergency Data Recovery All data recovery cases, to some extent, are emergency data recovery cases. Very few people want to wait weeks for their data. Our standard […]

Data Recovery Lab

A World-Class Data Recovery Lab: Welcome to Gillware When your local IT technician or computer repair guru can't help you get your family photos back from […]

Virtual Machine Data Recovery

Virtual Machine Data Recovery Virtual machines are extremely useful tools, especially from an IT standpoint. However, your virtual machines are just as vulnerable to data loss […]

Dell Server Recovery Case Study: PowerEdge Foreign Configuration

In this Dell server recovery scenario, the client’s server fell victim to a power outage. When the power came back on, the Dell PERC 6/i RAID controller card […]

RAID 0 Data Recovery

RAID 0 Data Recovery RAID 0, the lowest level of RAID, is one of the simplest RAID configurations. It provides the greatest boosts in performance. But […]

RAID 6 Data Recovery

RAID 6 Data Recovery Looking for RAID 6 data recovery? A RAID 6 array is just like any other storage device; it is not immune to […]

JBOD Data Recovery Services

JBOD Data Recovery RAID isn’t the only way to link multiple hard drives together. There are other ways to combine separate data storage devices into what seems […]

Data Recovery Company

Data Recovery Company Gillware is the data recovery company you can turn to when you need help. Whatever situation you're in, we've been there and we've […]