When a Difficult Data Recovery Turns out to be a Piece of Cake

Laura DeVries experienced a major failure of her laptop hard drive. The drive, a 750 GB Western Digital WD7500BPKT, was less than 2 years old, but suddenly went lights out. Her last backup was in March, and on board the drive were weeks worth of important files for her business.

It showed sure signs of needing a clean room invasive recovery: no computer would recognize it as a hard drive, and it was making the “click of death.” Our free in-lab evaluation determined that the read/write heads had failed, and that there was severe file system damage and drive firmware corruption. We submitted our exact price quote — which is only paid if the client decides we were successful — and cautiously predicted that there would be an 85 percent chance of recovery. After our recovery efforts, we would present Laura with a full directory of what we recovered — including file names, time stamps and file sizes.

In this case, success was very sweet. And being able to recover data for another business in Madison, Wis. was the icing on the cake. Laura owns the wonderful and decadent Cupcakes-A-Go-Go, and we were rewarded with delicious and beautiful cupcakes.

Laura said: “I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am!” and we could not respond because our mouths were full.

We pride ourselves on fast and efficient data recovery, but it turns out we are quite strong at fast and efficient cupcake consumption.

Thank you for the cupcakes, Laura — we are happy to help reunite a neighboring business with any data that supports something so delicious!