Hitachi HTS543216L9A300

Recovery was classified as a Tier-1 recovery.  Drive was determined to be mechanically healthy, but suffered from severe electrical damage and logical corruption to Windows NTFS files system.  Gillware recovery engineers were able to repair the failed control board and rebuild corrupted file system.  Drive was imaged and user data extracted.

The updates, when you received the drive, an update that it was being worked, on, the update with files able to recover, the shipping notice, all excellent. Already recommended you to a few friends, and will be purchasing your online backup system once I’m back up and running with my new laptop! Thanks!

Here are the details that were provided with the recovery:

Recently on a trip to library where I made 500 scans, saved to My Pictures in My Documents folder from books. In the hotel, with free wireless computer started acting up. AVG virus required a reboot, which I did. If i wasn’t connecting to the Internet I was fine, connection to the Internet was freezing. Got home, no problems with internet, although Google Chrome wouldn’t work. Attempted to connect to home network to back up files, couldn’t connect, computer repeatedly froze and eventually blue screen with “Unmountable Boot Volume” error. Tried hooking drive up through USB enclosure to another computer and received a “cyclic redundancy error” and could not read data

Files are on my desktop and My Documents. The most critical are folders in My Pictures in a folder, forget the name, want to say something like “MP Navigator” that are named with dates like 1-27-2011 and 1-29-2011. Also, the Family Tree Maker folder within My documents as well as the Quicken Data. Files on desktop are also critical. If possible I would like all the documents in “My Documents” and the desktop recovered