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Fantom Drives is a US based computer hardware manufacturer that specializes in premium storage appliances. Fantom Drives prides themselves on producing hard drives with an emphasis for both data security and data accessibility.

External Hard Drives – A Modern Necessity

A water damaged hard drive

External hard drives are an essential tool for the modern professional. External hard drives provide a simple means of ensuring backup coverage for your important data.

You will be happy to have your backup if your primary hard drive ever ends up in a situation like the drive pictured to the left.

Fantom Drives GFORCE 3 Pro

Source: Fantom Drives

What is the Fantom Drives GFORCE 3 Pro?

The GFORCE 3 Pro is a high-end aluminum coated external hard drive. The drive is available in storage capacities ranging from 2 to 20 terabytes, ranging in price from $87.85 (2TB) to $579.95 (20TB). One reason the GFORCE line of external hard drives is sought after is because of the powerful 7200 RPM spindle motors.

The technical details of how hard disk drives transfer data to and from computers is complex. That said, there is a linear relationship with the rotational speed of the drive’s platters and the rate of data transfer. As such, the Fantom Drives GFORCE 3 (capable of 7200 rotations per minute) offers data transfer speeds estimated to be 33% faster than alternative 5400 RPM hard disk drives.

External Hard Drives Don’t Last Forever

Fantom Drives built a reputation and following by offering premium data storage appliances at a reasonable cost. However, when a data storage appliance achieves widespread popularity, the likelihood some clients will encounter issues increases dramatically. The following example should emphasize the severity of data storage best practices.

Data Loss Illustrated With an Example

You work as a wedding photographer. The high resolution photos you capture on a regular basis take up a significant amount of storage space on your laptop. About five years ago, your laptop reached its capacity for data storage, so you bought an external hard drive from a local computer parts supplier. The technician at the shop mentioned the external hard drive you were buying has an estimated lifetime of 5 years. You thank them for the information and set a reminder in your phone. Every day you transfer your new photos to the external drive, and delete the bulky raw image files from your laptop.

One day, your phone displays a reminder from 5 years ago hard drive is almost dead – get a new one. You frown and put the phone back in your pocket. You just used the drive last night, and it was working perfectly. That must have been a marketing ploy to attempt to trick you into purchasing a second external hard drive when you already have one that’s perfectly fine. At the end of the day, you go to back up your photos and notice that the external hard drive started beeping when you plugged it in. The hard drive also won’t show up on your computer. Now you can’t access any of your photos from the wedding you worked most recently.

Despite receiving words of wisdom from a knowledgeable professional, the individual in this hypothetical scenario ignored the a good suggestion, and continued to rely on a weary hard drive as their only line of defense against data loss. The moral of the story is that even the best data storage appliances have an estimated lifetime.

Fantom Drives DataShield Pro

Source: Fantom Drives

What is the Fantom Drives DataShield Pro?

DataShield Pro is an encrypted solid state drive designed for computer professionals who prioritize secure data storage. The solid state drive case is outfitted with a built in keypad that allows for 12 digit passcode protection. The device utilizes 256 Bit AES military grade hardware encryption to keep your data well protected.

If your hard drive contains ANY confidential information regarding employees or clients, you have a serious obligation to store their data in a secure manner.

Fantom Drives Conclusion

Fantom Drives is a phenomenal company that produces very high quality products. That said, even the best data storage appliances in the world are susceptible to unforeseen data loss. The data recovery professionals at Gillware are here to help if you ever receive a Fantom hard drive not recognized error message, or your Fantom drive won’t turn on. Gillware has been conducting hard drive data recovery for nearly twenty years.

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