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PSOD data recovery

When you use VMWare ESXi for your server, you may be unfortunate enough to encounter a PSOD. A PSOD, or “Purple Screen of Death”, is a diagnostic warning, similar to Windows’ dreaded “Blue Screen of Death”. (Funnily, Windows 8 and Windows 10 now have their own “Purple Screen of Death”, completely separate from VMWare’s PSOD. As if computers weren’t confusing enough!) When a PSOD results in data loss, you can count on the experts at Gillware to provide professional, affordable PSOD data recovery.

The Purple Screen of Death occurs when the VMKernel of your ESXi host machine encounters a critical error. The error renders the kernel inoperable and terminates any running virtual machines. The PSOD screen, a purple screen with white text, displays diagnostic information and error messages relating to the failure.

All sorts of hardware failures can cause a PSOD, including RAM and CPU failures. Troubleshooting the PSOD using the diagnostic information provided can help you figure out where the problem lies. The problem may lie within the hard drives containing your virtual machines. Your VMs also may have become corrupt and inaccessible. In these cases, you will need the services of expert PSOD data recovery providers to retrieve their valuable contents.

PSOD Data Recovery with Gillware

Gillware provides excellent PSOD data recovery services, using our groundbreaking ESXi data recovery techniques. Recovering data from failed VM servers is a game of translation. Failed hard drives translate to disk images. Disk images translate to VMFS file systems. VMFS file systems translate to virtual disks. Virtual disks translate to physical disks. And those physical disks translate to disk images.

At other data recovery labs, important status information could get lost at each step of the “translation” as the engineers delve deeper into the digital Matryoshka doll. This is because the engineers have to use different tools for various steps. As a result, the quality of their recovery efforts can suffer. Corruption and blank spaces go undetected during the various middle stages. At the end, the technicians return damaged or corrupted data to the user, and cannot easily trace the damage to its source when the user comes back to complain about the quality of the recovery.

At Gillware, our computer scientists have designed data recovery software so reliable that they can perform every step in the virtual machine recovery process with the same software. As a result, we can have a much more accurate gauge of our success. This is very important for us here at Gillware; our affordable and financially risk-free data recovery process rests on our customers only paying if we can successfully meet their data recovery goals.

At Gillware, we work hard to make our PSOD data recovery services as customer-friendly, affordable, and high-quality as possible for ESXi users. After we successfully recover the data from damaged or corrupted ESXi virtual machines, we also assist our clients with reintegrating the recovered data so they can get back to work with as little pain as possible.

Will Ascenzo
Will Ascenzo
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