What Data Recovery Means: Carol Marzano’s Story

Following the successful data recovery from her failed Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB external hard drive, Carol Marzano wrote us a kind note:

My external hard drive with all the information pertaining to my business and my charitable foundation was damaged. Without Gillware’s help, the foundation would be in dire straits.  Gillware employees were professional, helpful and explained all steps involved.

We will never be able to completely express how grateful we are that Gillware were able to retrieve ALL INFORMATION!  They will always be the company I will use and recommend.  Thank you Gillware!

— Carol Marzano, Realtor and President of the Michael Weston Marzano Foundation.

We asked Carol about the charity she runs, and she told us it is named for her grandson, whom she adopted and raised. Michael Weston Marzano was killed at age 21 in a car crash in May, 2012. Carol said that the foundation named for him supports funeral costs for those who have lost loved ones.

Carol told us that the data we recovered was not simply the financial logs and documents that support the foundation; it was the pictures and stories that told of Michael’s life and why the foundation came to be.

These passages are from the recovered eulogy she shared with us:

Following a difficult birth, the nurses could not get Michael to breathe.  The doctor told his grandmother to go over and talk to Michael; he would recognize her voice and maybe it would help him respond.  She went over to where the nurses were working on Michael and took his little hand, wrapping it around her finger.  She started to talk to him. “Come on Michael breathe, come on you can do it.”  When Michael looked up at his grandmother, she kept telling him he could do it, he could do it, and finally he took his first breath.  From that day forward there has been a special bond between the two.

Michael was only here for 21½ years.  We hope Michael will be remembered for being a good friend, really caring for the people he knew, and helping in any way at any time. We hope Michael will be remembered for the smile he always had on his face and the best hugs ever.

Thank you, Carol, for sharing Michael’s story with us. We know every data recovery case holds something meaningful and we are so grateful that we could reunite you with some memories and the documents that will help the Michael Weston Marzano Foundation grow.