Gillware’s Data Recovery Procedure

Losing your data can be very stressful. This video will show you how Gillware’s data recovery procedure works, so that you can get started and stop stressing out.

1. Call us at 877-624-7206 or complete our service form online
2. You will receive a price estimate either over the phone or on the web
3. Ship your drive to Gillware using our ‘Welcome Package’* for a financially risk free evaluation
4. Once your drive is received you will get a call letting you know it has arrived
5. Our data recovery experts will evaluate your drive and you will then receive a price quote
6. If this quote is acceptable our data recovery experts will work on recovering your data. Whether or not they are successful, you may request a listing of the recovered files to review.
7. After reviewing the file list and ensuring that the files you need are listed, we can test critical files to make sure they work properly.
8. You will choose how you’d like your data returned to you and your billing information will be collected.
9. Before your data is shipped is sent through Gillware’s quality assurance process, ensuring the integrity of your data and verifies your shipping information before your data is shipped.
10. When you receive your recovered data it’s important that you review it and immediately let us know if any files are missing or inaccessible.
11. After a short grace period, giving you time to review your data, your data will be permanently removed from our system. If you did not specify that you needed your broken drive returned to you for a replacement warranty, your broken drive will be professionally destroyed.

*Our ‘Welcome Package’ is only applicable to Contiguous US residents. If you are in a rush we suggest that you utilize your own packaging and shipping method.