The Small Business Show Podcast featuring CEO Brian Gill

Looking for some IT tips to help you run your small business more efficiently and securely? Look no further! Our CEO Brian Gill was recently featured on the Small Business Show podcast where he shares a few simple tips for protecting your data.  

The Small Business Show is hosted by Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean, both of whom have founded and co-founded multiple successful small businesses. Since 2015, Dave and Shannon have been providing small business owners with guidance and sharing their own experiences through their podcast. 

Some of the tips Brian discusses in this episode are to: 

  • Utilize automated backups 
  • Implement a real firewall separate from your operating system 
  • Don’t re-use passwords or use simple things as passwords 
  • Use password vaults such as LastPass or YubiKey to store your passwords 
  • Provide social engineering training for your employees  

Click HERE to Listen to the Podcast

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