Reselling backup solutions is not out of your reach!

What does it take to be a reseller for a business-grade backup solution? In most cases, it requires a huge upfront monetary investment and many hours of training. Large backup vendors put these requirements in place as a profit center because they can get away with it. They sell to big businesses who have budgets that need to get used up.

Expensive enterprise-grade backup solutions come with plenty of bells and whistles to justify a high price tag, but at the end of the day, most of the additional features are things that small IT providers and their small business customers will never need. Additionally, large businesses have IT staff who can easily take two days off for a training session to learn how to use a complex enterprise backup solution. Small IT companies and their small business customers don’t have the luxury of extra cash and time. As a result, the best business-grade backup solutions on the market remain out of their reach.

With this in mind, Gillware has created an affordable, simple and profitable business-grade backup solution that we believe will benefit our Partners and their clients. By paring down the features of major backup offerings into a more manageable, simple solution, we’ve lowered the cost to roughly half of what other backup providers will charge for the same level of service.

Our solution also works to save you a lot of time. Many backup reseller programs require a ridiculous amount of time to train you to sell and support the product. Gillware’s solution allows a typical partner to be trained on the entire process—installation, monitoring and restores—in less than an hour. That’s under an hour of time in exchange for thousands of dollars in additional annual profit. Most Gillware partners make at least $3000 profit every year reselling our backup solution.

Gillware’s backup solution has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Sure, that may be a cliché thing to say, but in this case it’s true. It’s a service designed to be simple enough that small IT providers can offer backup to businesses, but just big enough to provide the backup coverage they need to fully protect critical business data. No bells and whistles, no huge initial investments, and no stress.