MSP Hiring Guide: 30+ Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Managed Service Provider

Hi everyone, it’s Laura with Gillware Data Recovery! I just wanted to share a useful resource with you. Recently, Gillware’s CEO Brian Gill was on the Manage 2 Win podcast with CEO David Russell (See below for the llnk to the podcast). These two also came out with a guide for hiring MSPs titled “30 Questions to Ask When Hiring an IT MSP”. This guide walks you through how to prepare for the initial meeting with potential MSPs, important things to ask during the meeting, and things to consider after the meeting.

Brian and David realized how difficult it can be for small business owners to identify and hire reliable managed service providers. With so many other things going on within your company and so many MSPs to choose from, finding the right fit can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, this guide can help! Brian and David both have years of experience in the IT industry and are truly experts that you can trust.

One of the tips from this guide that really resonated with me was the information on preparing for the meeting. When it comes to hiring an MSP, it is extremely important to do your homework. Brian and David have put together a great list of questions to consider before meeting with potential candidates. Along with considering these questions, Brian and David recommend doing some additional research on your own such as studying their company website, visiting their Linkedin profile, as well as the profiles of their upper-level employees. When studying these different resources, it is important to pay attention to how the employees and the company portray themselves. As Brian and David mention in the article, “If they do not make it a priority to maintain the most public information about themselves, then how well will they maintain your company’s technology?”

This guide is exactly what you need to kick-start your MSP hiring process. See below for the downloadable PDF version, and as always, please feel free to reach out to myself, Brian, or David if you have any questions.

Click HERE to Download “MSP Hiring Guide: 30+ Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Managed Service Provider”

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