How to Protect Your Online Information on Just the Tips Podcast

Our CEO Brian Gill was featured on Just the Tips podcast. Just the Tips podcast is hosted by James P. Friel and Dean Holland and provides entrepreneurs with advice on different aspects of running and maintaining a company.  In this episode, Brian joins the podcast to talk about protecting your online information. Protecting your online information has become increasingly important in todays highly tech-driven world. Hackers have become more and more savvy, and could potentially cause detrimental harm to you and your company if given the opportunity. With years of experience, Brian shares his advice on how to keep your information secure now and in the future.

In this podcast, Brian also talks about a variety of other things including fundraising for your new business, angel investors, and bootstrapping. Brian is truly an expert on these topics, as he has co-founded 5 successful companies since 2004.

Perhaps one of the most important topics of this podcast is ransomware. Did you know ransomware has become over a 6 billion dollar problem for businesses and individuals alike? That’s why it is more important now than ever to make sure that your information is safe from the dangers of malware and ransomware attacks. One very easy way to begin is by requiring two-factor authentication login to all of your accounts. This will require that when you login you use more than just. password, and perhaps also require a randomized code or security question.

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