Gillware on the Road: Flash Memory Summit 2015


A couple weeks ago, Gillware Data Recovery attended the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, CA. The conference is designed to provide attendees with practical information on the current state of flash memory and its applications, including solid state drives (SSDs).

One of the major organizations involved in this niche is the Storage Networking Industry Association or SNIA. There are a number of different communities within SNIA, including the Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI), which works to foster the acceptance and growth of solid state storage technology in the marketplace.

Not only is Gillware a SNIA member and a part of the SSSI community, we’ve also had a hand in forming a new special interest group called the data recovery and erase special interest group, or DR/E SIG. Our president, Scott Holewinski, is the chair of the newly formed DR/E SIG and attended the Flash Memory Summit to promote the group and educate attendees about the importance of the group’s mission.

In an interview with EE Times, Scott discussed the challenges of recovering and selectively erasing data from solid state storage technology, which is the main reason the group was founded. The group’s mission is to create a forum for discussion among data recovery and erase providers, device manufacturers, standards bodies and large consumers of solid state storage. Together, the group hopes to build a business case to justify the need for improved data recovery and erase functionality on solid state storage devices without compromising security and effectiveness of the devices, or the integrity of the intellectual property involved in designing them.

You can read the full article on the EE Times website here.

Additionally, Scott took part in a video interview with Trilogy Tech Talk about the DR/E SIG and what it’s all about, which you can watch here.

Gillware is committed to achieving the highest data recovery success rates possible. Current solid state storage technology makes data recovery both difficult for our engineers and, in turn, often prohibitively expensive for our customers. Participating in groups like the DR/E SIG and attending events like the Flash Memory Summit help us improve our data recovery capabilities and foster cooperation in the storage industry. When different stakeholders work together, everyone wins.

To learn more about the challenges Gillware faces when recovering data from SSDs, check out our white paper here.