Gillware and Dell: Solving Data Loss (Story 3)

We’ve been sharing stories about how Dell and Gillware work together to solve data loss.

When a hard drive fails in a Dell computer, Dell solves the real concern for many in the situation: getting back the lost files. Dell refers people who need data recovery to Gillware. At Gillware, we give an exact price quote following an in-lab evaluation, show a complete list of results if the customer requests one, and charge only for success.

We asked Dell customers who used Gillware Data Recovery to tell their stories. One writer won a prize and was published on Dell’s blog. We wanted to share more entries and thank everyone who wrote to us about their successful data recovery with Dell and Gillware

Here’s what Pastor Robert Schofield had to say:

I am a pastor of a small congregation in a small city in Western Pennsylvania.  In addition to my pastoral responsibilities, I work for a jurisdictional bishop in Western PA who has the responsibility for 55 churches.  In this capacity I serve the Ecclesiastical jurisdiction as Budget Financial Chair.  As pastor and Budget Chair I utilize Dell computers exclusively and extensively.  Almost all church and jurisdiction ministry activities were computerized.

When my computer hard drive came to a slow noisy halt, a year or so ago, I loss access, possibly permanently, to the following:

500 plus sermons I authored, 800 Biblical commentaries I authored, 200 Bible Study outlines I developed, numerous annually required reporting documents for 55 churches, local church and jurisdiction financial records, jurisdictional tithing fund records and jurisdiction scholarship records.

I called Dell and was immediately referred to Gillware for exploration and the possibility of data recovery.  After an initial interview with a Gillware specialist to discuss and outline my problem, I was confidently assured that most of the data, if not all could be recovered.  As instructed, I shipped my crashed hard drive to Gillware and with a fee that I thought was quite reasonable, I entered into an agreement with Gllware for the purpose of recovering a prodigious amount of data.  Within a week Gillware sent me a new external hard drive which contained all of my data.  To this day all my attempts to retrieve archival data from the external hard drive have not failed.

Simply put, Gillware’s recovery intervention saved years of hard work and writings as well as irreplaceable financial records.