Gillware and Dell: Solving Data Loss (Stories 4, 5 and 6)

Last week, we started sharing stories about how Dell and Gillware work together to solve data loss.

When a hard drive fails in a Dell computer, Dell solves the real concern for many in the situation: getting back the lost files. Dell refers people who need data recovery to Gillware. At Gillware, we give an exact price quote following an in-lab evaluation, show a complete list of results if the customer requests one, and charge only for success.

We asked Dell customers who used Gillware Data Recovery to tell their stories. One writer won a prize and was published on Dell’s blog. We wanted to share more entries and thank everyone who wrote to us about their successful data recovery with Dell and Gillware.

Today, we’ll run excepts from three satisfied customers.

First, here’s what Joe Cotter had to say:

Our experience with Gillware was exceptional.  We had a hard drive crash, and someone had lost the latest backups with thousands of files.   Ugh.   So I called Dell and they put us immediately in touch with Gillware.  They notified Gillware and I received a call within 30 minutes.  They knew that a hard drive crash was a business emergency, not just a casual problem.

They overnighted a packaging box to send them the drive, quickly worked on it to retrieve the information using their electronic magic, and sent us the files on a nice new external hard drive.

We were all set.  The folks there were very understanding, helpful and patient.  I have since recommended them to 2 people who had crashes.

Thanks Gillware and Dell!

Next up is Clara Thomas:

My Dell story is simple. I let my grandson use my computer. Within 30 minutes, the screen was blue. I called Dell.

I was given your number to call. I sent you my drive and you were able to retrieve all my information and return to me. This computer had 10 years of teaching materials. I was very thankful.

Finally, we end today’s post with part of a noted from Giuseppe DeSantis:

When I called Dell to ask for help they recommended Gillware.  I was very happy with the customer service rep I spoke with.  He did not promise anything but said the pictures were most likely recoverable.  We were very pleased when we got an email saying all the files were indeed recovered.

Thank you to all the Dell customers who took the time to describe their experience with Gillware! We’ll pick out a few more entries to share tomorrow.