Gillware and Dell: Solving Data Loss (Final Story Contest Entries)

Last week, we started sharing stories about how Dell and Gillware work together to solve data loss. We asked Dell customers who used Gillware Data Recovery to tell their stories. One writer won a prize and was published on Dell’s blog. Today we’re wrapping up our publication of these stories with a few poignant entries. It’s remarkable how much of our lives can end up on a computer. It’s very satisfying when we can get back what was once lost.

Before we get to the entries, we wanted to again thank everyone who wrote to us about their successful data recovery with Dell and Gillware. We appreciate your stories and we’re grateful that you shared them with us.

Here is what Kathie Ward wrote:

I lost my husband in 2009.  Less than a year after that, his computer crashed.

It was one of his things that was uniquely him.  I was devastated.

Dell determined it was his hard drive.  Dell recommended Gillware if I wanted to retrieve what would have been lost to me forever.

Of course I had to save what I still had of my husband. His writings, pictures, and more were all on the computer, so I sent the hard drive to Gillware.

They reviewed the problems, contacted me with the issue and the cost involved.  Once I decided to do it, they mailed me an external hard drive with the recovered information on it within their time frame.  Gillware helped me keep a part of my husband that I wasn’t ready to part with.

And here is what Vicky King wrote:

My worst fear happened without warning. My entire hard drive with everything on it  crashed. All I could do was cry. My family tree that dates back to the year 927 in Ireland, plus my
husband’s family tree, was no more. Photos, videos, files, music — everything just gone.

I was looking at photos of my Mother holding me in her arms with a split screen of a photo of my Mother as a child. It was like looking at twins. Within seconds, my computer’s hard drive crashed. I was heart broken and felt so lost. It was like someone had ripped my
heart right out of my chest. I cried for days over my loss.

After Dell’s recommendation, I contacted and they went to work on my hard drive.  I had a new hard drive put in my computer and waited to hear from Gillware. They sent me a new portable hard drive back; I plugged it into my computer and before my eyes my life appeared again, along with the photos of my Mom and me. I cried, but this time they were happy tears.

Thank you, Gillware, for great service and your kind words. But most of all, for all the memories of my life back.