Ripple Data Recovery

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Gillware Can Help Recover Your Ripple!

Did you lose Ripple from an old laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet? Do you need to recover Ripple from the Edge mobile wallet? Are you having trouble accessing Tether stored in an Atomic wallet?

Data loss is a stressful experience, and this applies to an even greater degree when there is a significant financial element. Despite how technically capable many Ripple users are, it’s always possible to accidentally delete a software wallet, reformat a device, or forget the password to a phone or tablet. Gillware can help you with your Ripple recovery!

Ripple Software Wallets

There have been a number of popular software wallets over the 10 years since Ripple was created. Gillware can provide you with assistance recovering Ripple from Ripple desktop wallets, Atomic wallets, Edge mobile wallets, and many more.

Hardware wallets or cold-storage wallets offer an additional layer of security to software based ‘hot-wallets’ that are directly integrated with the internet. The Ledger company was launched in 2014, and has created the popular Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X hardware wallets. The Trezor wallet is a premier hardware wallet that adds convenience to security by enabling Ripple holders to sign transactions directly from the wallet.

Ripple Hardware Wallets

Ripple Data Recovery Fee Structure

Gillware has experience aiding crypto enthusiasts in this stressful situation. Some people will attempt to ‘recover’ Ripple in situations where there’s a very remote chance that they actually had anything to begin with.

As such, Gillware has instituted a non-negotiable attempt fee of $500. This may seem like a lot of money, but in a situation where you are recovering $100,000 USD worth of Ripple it is extremely reasonable.

XRP Recovered (Value in $USD)Finders Fee %
$0 – $500050%
$5001 – $10000015%
$100001 – $50000010%
$500001 – $30000007.5%
+ $30000015%

Ripple Data Recovery Finders Fee

Gillware is a professional data recovery organization, and a majority of the data recovery cases we undertake are relatively risk-free. This does not hold true with XRP data recovery. Due to the significant degree of paperwork and legal liability, Gillware also charges a finders-fee on a sliding scale for any cryptocurrency successfully recovered. The finders fee is also non-negotiable, and this table describes the details.

XRP Data Recovery Procedure

Once your cryptocurrency wallet has been identified Gillware will reach out to the client to schedule a zoom call between a Gillware engineer, the client, and the client’s legal council (optional). The client will present a drivers license or another valid form of identification, they will witness Gillware taking the finders fee, and transferring their cryptocurrency to the clients active wallet. This is non-negotiable.

Due to the liability posed by illegitimate activity in the cryptocurrency space(dark-net markets for illegal substances / services and ransomware), Gillware will not convert your recovered cryptocurrency into another token or USD. If you lose XRP, you’re getting XRP (sorry Monero enthusiasts).

Note: Submitting a Ripple data recovery case to this form does not guarantee that Gillware will be accepting your case. Making a submission to this form will result in a Gillware data recovery engineer reaching out to the phone number you have submitted. Gillware maintains the right to refuse or accept cryptocurrency data recovery cases at our discretion.

Ripple Data Recovery Conclusion

In closing, if you were using a hardware or software wallet to store cryptocurrency, and you no longer have access to it; Gillware can help you get your tokens back. The experienced data recovery engineers at Gillware have helped clients recover over 3 Million USD worth of cryptocurrency.

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