HP Server Data Recovery Services

If you chose an HP ProLiant Server because of their versatility and cutting-edge technology, you are not alone. If your server failed and left you without access to important data, you’re also not alone. Regardless of make or model, servers fail. Here at Gillware, we see hundreds of server failures a year and can help you get your valuable data back.

From tax documents to payroll, servers often times hold some of the most important data your company has. If one or more of the drives within your server fails, it can leave you without critical data your company needs to thrive. Fortunately, there is a way to get that data back. At Gillware, we have all the tools and expertise necessary to successfully recover data from any HP server. Whether you have an HP ProLiant server or a HP Integrity server, Gillware can help!

Below is a list of some of the most common HP servers on the market today. Click the button below the server if you would like to learn more about the hardware failure and data loss situations associated with each model. If you do not see your server below, no need to worry. It is still supported. Simply call 1-877-624-7206 ext. 1 to talk to an HP server data recovery expert about your specific case.

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