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Recover Data from an Encrypted Hard Drive

Recover Data from an Encrypted Hard Drive Data encryption is a double-edged sword. Nobody will deny that encryption is extremely important, especially for sensitive material such […]

GPS Forensics

GPS Digital Forensics Knowing someone or something's location can answer many questions in a digital forensics investigation. Our experts will get to the bottom of it. […]

Exchange Server Data Recovery

Exchange Server Data Recovery Many of the clients sending us servers at Gillware use Microsoft Exchange for emails and are in need of our Exchange server data recovery […]

Nemucod Data Recovery Case Study: Recovering Data from Ransomware

There’s a lot of malicious software in the world, of varying degrees of nastiness. But ransomware is by far one of the nastiest types of malware on […]

Synology RS3412xs Data Recovery Case Study: Deleted LUNs

In this data recovery case, the client had four deleted LUNs they needed recovered. These LUNs, or iSCSI targets, had lived on a Synology RackStation RS3412xs network-attached […]

Data Recovery NYC

Data Recovery NYC For data recovery NYC services, your business or home in New York can’t choose a better provider than Gillware Data Recovery. At Gillware, […]

Data Recovery Los Angeles

Data Recovery Los Angeles For data recovery Los Angeles services, you can’t choose a better data recovery lab than Gillware. Whether you’re a home user whose […]

Data Recovery Houston

Data Recovery Houston Gillware’s data recovery lab in Madison, Wisconsin is the place to go for all of your data recovery needs. Whether you’re a Wisconsinite or a […]

Data Recovery New Jersey

Data Recovery New Jersey Since 2004, Gillware Data Recovery has provided quality data recovery services for clients across the United States and the world. As a […]