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Cyber Security Interviews Podcast Feature: “Cindy Murphy: Learn How to Learn”

President Cindy Murphy was invited to be on an early February edition of the Cyber Security Interviews Podcast with host Douglas Brush. In their hour-long talk, Cindy and Douglas discuss topics like digital forensics in law enforcement, how Cindy started in mobile forensics in the early 2000’s, and much more. To listen to Cindy’s appearance on the podcast, you may find a recording on their website here.

Featured Article in July Edition of SC Magazine

Gillware Digital Forensics president, Cindy Murphy, was featured in a special article contained in the July issue of SC Magazine. SC Magazine is a prominent magazine within the IT security field. The article, titled “Women of influence,” highlights the accomplishments of eight women in the information security and privacy industry and all that they’ve done to advance their craft. To read the portion on Cindy, you may find the article here: Cindy’s Article Here

Featured Article in June Edition of Forensic Magazine

The June edition of Forensic Magazine ( saw the inclusion of an article written by our very own President of Gillware Digital Forensics, Cindy Murphy. In a two page spread, the article focuses on the dangers of hidden applications in mobile devices and some potential techniques that forensic investigators might use to search for and locate them.

Given the ever-advancing complexity and range of techniques available to criminals in hiding incriminating evidence, it is a welcome article that President Murphy writes on such a relevant topic. To read the full article, you may find it on Forensic Magazine’s website here: Full Article Here

Cindy Murphy Cellebrite Letter of Recommendation

Cindy Murphy Recommendation Letter

Click for a PDF version of the letter.

New startup Gillware Digital Forensics makes its debut at National Cyber Crime Conference

Together with renowned forensic analyst Cynthia A. Murphy, M.Sc., top recovery lab Gillware Data Recovery has spun off a new venture specializing in forensic recoveries.

MADISON, Wis.April 19th, 2016 – Combining years of digital forensics and data recovery experience, Madison Police Department Detective Cynthia A. Murphy, M.Sc. and industry leader Gillware Data Recovery announced today they will team up to launch Gillware Digital Forensics, a new business arm focused on forensic data extraction, recovery and analysis.

“We’re looking forward to getting started and putting our joint knowledge and experience in the field to work with this new venture,” Murphy said. “Teaming up with Gillware was a logical next step to provide mobile and digital forensics services for law firms, law enforcement agencies and corporations.”

Murphy has over 31 years of law enforcement experience, and has spent over 17 years as a detective with MPD specializing in the investigation of computer crimes and performing digital forensic examinations. Her expansive record includes providing professional education and training on forensics, as well as founding and participating in a number of prominent trade organizations. In early May 2016, Murphy will be leaving the police department to join Gillware Digital Forensics as President.

“I’ve been interested in forming my own digital forensics business for several years,” Murphy said. “Partnering with Gillware’s high tech skill set and industry knowledge opened up the perfect opportunity to dive into this new venture headfirst.”

From April 25 to 27, Murphy will be taking part in the National Cyber Crime Conference in Boston, Mass. Along with attending the conference and addressing attendees, she will be introducing Gillware Digital Forensics to conference goers interested in forensic data recovery services.

“Cindy is truly one of the best and the brightest in the digital forensics industry,” said Scott Holewinski, CEO of Gillware Digital Forensics. “Her experience over the course of her career and her leadership in the field will be extremely valuable to the growth of our organization.”

About Gillware Digital Forensics: Founded in 2004, Gillware Data Recovery began as a small business venture started by Brian and Tyler Gill. By 2006, Gillware had around fifteen employees and expanded the business to include Gillware Online Backup, the only backup company started by a data recovery lab. Since then, it has steadily grown in both size and reputation to become the cutting-edge data recovery lab it is today.

In early 2016, Gillware Digital Forensics was created to fully utilize Gillware’s mobile recovery capabilities while also expanding service to law enforcement agencies, law firms and corporations. Their vast experience in data recovery combined with President Cindy Murphy’s 17+ years in the digital forensics industry were a natural fit for launching a new, full-service digital forensics organization.