Data Recovery Services in Washington D.C.

Have you lost valuable data? Gillware and Micro Center have partnered up to provide world-class data recovery services to Fairfax, Rockville, and the rest of the Greater Washington D.C. area.




Pan Am Plaza

3089 Nutley St.

Fairfax, VA 22031


Mon – Sat: 10 – 9, Sun: 11 – 6

(703) 204-8400



Federal Plaza

1776 E Jefferson St #203

Rockville, MD 20852


Mon – Sat: 10 – 9, Sun: 11 – 6

(301) 692-2130

Did your hard drive stop spinning? Did you accidentally delete all of the photos off your camera’s SD card? Unfortunately, there are many different data loss situations that you could find yourself in. Fortunately, Gillware and Micro Center are here to help during these times of distress! We recover data from situations just like these, and many more, on a daily basis.

Located in the Pan Am Plaza in Fairfax and the Federal Plaza in Rockville, these Micro Center stores have been serving the D.C. area for over 20 years. Micro Center and Gillware are your trusted local partners for data recovery and all things computers.

In each of Micro Center’s Washington D.C.-area stores, Gillware has provided our expertise and technology which allow us to provide local data recovery services for Micro Center customers. Unfortunately, in some cases your device may need to be sent to our lab in Madison, WI for more in-depth recovery services. Read the lists below to determine which course of action is best to take with your device.

Gillware offers world-class data recovery for a wide variety of different situations and devices. Our in-house lab allows us to keep our costs low, while still providing world-class data recovery services. With our cutting-edge  repair and recovery tools on our side, we can recover your data even when other labs cannot.

If your device has been physically damaged, or is making clicking or beeping noises, chances are it will need to be sent to us so we can determine how much of your data we believe we can recover. In other cases where there is no physical damage, the data can often be recovered the same day at your local Micro Center location.

Micro Center and Gillware are your trusted local partners for data recovery

Let us get your data back!

If you have questions about our process or pricing, please click on the button below for ways to contact us.